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Destination Marketing Fund Grant

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City Council has implemented a Destination Marketing Levy for all hotels in Prince Albert based on their current assessed value. Funds collected from the Levy are transferred into a reserve and distributed to approved applicants. The Destination Marketing Fund (DMF) was established to support events that generate hotel stays in the City of Prince Albert and have a positive impact in our community. 

The City of Prince Albert City Council is committed to investing proceeds from the levy into growing existing events, attracting new events to Prince Albert and supporting repairs or upgrades of a capital nature that are required to host a specific event in Prince Albert.

The objectives of the Destination Marketing Funds are to:

  • attract events to the City of Prince Albert;
  • attract visitors to the City of Prince Albert, and in so doing, generate significant economic benefit for the community, specifically the hotel industry; 
  • enhance the profile and visibility of the City of Prince Albert, provincially, nationally, and internationally; 
  • fund events that will have a positive impact on tourism visitation and spending within Prince Albert; and,
  • increase occupancy at member hotels.

Destination Marketing Levy Policy 

Funding Categories

Applicants are to select the funding category from the following four (4) categories:

New Event
This category is typically suitable for applicants looking to bring an existing event to Prince Albert that has not been held in the City for at least three consecutive years or create a brand new event to be held in Prince Albert. 

New Event Eligibility, Matrix & Guidelines                                                                                          New Event Application                                                                                      

Event Retention
This category is typically suitable for an event that has a history of being hosted in Prince Albert but is in jeopardy of no longer being hosted in Prince Albert or being shortened as a result of a variety of reasons, including but not limited to finances or a competitive bid from another community. 

Event Retention Eligibility, Matrix & Guidelines
Event Retention Application

Growing an Existing Event
This category is typically suitable for an event that has a history of being hosted in Prince Albert but is looking to expand the event in order to attract a new market segment which will result in increased room stays. 

Growing an Existing Event Eligibility, Matrix & Guidelines
Growing an Existing Event Application

Capital Enhancements
This category is typically suitable for repairs or upgrades of a capital nature that are required in order to host a specific event that generates overnight stays. Capital funding will not be approved for the purposes of regular maintenance. The capital enhancement(s) will be a legacy to the City as a permanent structure or fixture to remain for future users.

Capital Enhancement Eligibility, Matrix & Guidelines
Capital Enhancements Application

Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee

The Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee will review and evaluate reports submitted by the Administrator to ensure the following:

  • applications received are in accordance with the general criteria outlined in the Destination Marketing Levy Policy;
  • that the objectives of the policy are met; and,
  • complete evaluation metrics are submitted.

The Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee shall approve applications up to $10,000, and request the Mayor and City Clerk to execute the necessary Funding Agreement.

Application requests over $10,000 will be forwarded with a recommendation by the Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee to City Council for consideration and decision.  Once approved by City Council, the Applicant/Host Committee/Organization will need to sign the Funding Agreement.

Sample Funding Agreement

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Applications are screened on a first come first served basis.
  2. Applications shall be submitted at least three (3) months prior to the event. If the Application is not submitted at least three (3) months prior to the event, the Application may be denied.
  3. If Application is approved, payments will be allocated in two (2) installments:
    1. 40% upon signing the Funding Agreement; and,
    2. 60% upon approval of the event Final Report by the Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee.
      ** certain terms and conditions apply.
  4. The level of profit generated by an event has no bearing on eligibility for funding.
  5. Large events that are deemed to be City wide in impact may be funded at a level that exceeds the recommendation generated by the evaluation metrics.
  6. The event shall generate overnight stays in Prince Albert.
  7. The applicant and/or host committee/organization shall have no outstanding taxes, utility charges or other amounts owing to The City of Prince Albert, and all properties owned by the organization must be free of any City of Prince Albert Building and Safety Maintenance Orders.
  8. Funds shall be used directly and must not be channeled through another organization.
  9. Funds shall not be reinvested or used for any purposes other than stated in the application.
  10. Funds not used within twelve (12) months of the date of the request, shall be returned to the City of Prince Albert.
  11. Event Final Report shall be submitted within sixty (60) days of the event.
  12. Funding Agreement shall be signed prior to any funds being disbursed.

Grant Exemptions

  1. Retroactive applications are not permitted.
  2. Accommodations provided to patients or residents of a hospital, personal care home, or residential care facility.
  3. Accommodations provided to patients and/or the family of patients while attending for medical care and treatment.
  4. Accommodations provided to a student by a registered educational institution while the student is registered at and attending that institution.
  5. Accommodation supplied for a person undertaking an apprenticeship or trade certification.
  6. Accommodation supplied by employers to their employees in premises owned and/or operated by or on behalf of the employer.
  7. Accommodation provided to evacuees or as provided on a temporary basis by the provincial or federal government, or any other agency.
  8. Tent or trailer sites supplied by a campground, tourist camp or trailer park.
  9. Hospitality rooms that do not include a bed.
  10. Socials, weddings and family celebrations.
  11. Accommodations provided in establishments in which fewer than three (3) bedrooms are available for rent.

Application Process Overview

The Destination Marketing Fund Grant Application is completed as per selected funding category application form and submitted to the Administrator.

The application is reviewed to ensure it is complete and meets the necessary criteria and any additional information / clarity sought.

Evaluation metrics are completed resulting in a funding recommendation.

The Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee has authority to approve grant applications up to $10,000. Applicants will be notified on the outcome of their application. If the application is approved, a Funding Agreement will be forwarded for execution.

The process for applications over $10,000:  The Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee will review the grant submission and forward a recommendation and report to City Council for consideration. The applicant will be notified of the funding recommendation, date the funding request will appear before City Council for consideration and the process to appear as a delegation on the evening the funding request will be reviewed. Applicants are not required to appear as a delegation, but are encouraged to do so if they wish to raise public awareness of their event or if they desire an opportunity to speak directly to Council with regards to their event or their funding application.

Please note there is a deadline for requesting to appear as a delegation. Please contact the City Clerk's office at 306-953-4305.

Funding recommendations are reviewed by City Council at a regularly scheduled meeting with a decision typically made during the Council meeting. The applicant or a representative may be present at the Council meeting in which their funding request is being reviewed but is not called on to speak as part of the funding deliberations.

When City Council approves a Destination Marketing Fund Grant over $10,000, a Funding Agreement is to be signed. A Draft Funding Agreement is circulated to the applicant for review but is not binding until a decision is rendered and the Funding Agreement is signed by the Applicant and the Mayor and City Clerk.

40% of approved funds are advanced to the applicant.

Following the event, a final report is to be submitted by the applicant to the Administrator. The final report is reviewed and room nights verified. If actual room nights generated match or exceed projections, the final 60% approved grant is paid to the applicant.  If the actual room nights generated are less than projected, the evaluation metrics is completed using actual room nights.  If the new calculations generate a recommendation for funding that is lower than what was previously supported, final payment will be reduced accordingly.

Final payment is issued to the applicant following final report review by the Destination Marketing Levy Advisory Committee.

Report and Reimbursement

Reporting and Reimbursement guidelines that apply to the Destination Marketing Grant funding requests appear below:

  • The organization receiving a Destination Marketing Fund Grant is responsible for completing the Final Event Report Form with the finalized information within sixty (60) days of the event conclusion. If the grant recipient is unable to meet the sixty (60) day timeline, please discuss with the Administrator.

Event Final Report Form
Event Final Report Form - Capital

  • If the final report shows a discrepancy between projected hotel room nights for the event and actual numbers realized, the final numbers reported will be put through the evaluation metrics and the amount of the grant will either remain the same or be adjusted downward based on the evaluation results.
  • At its expense, the City of Prince Albert has the right to audit the books or financial records of any organization that receives the Destination Marketing Fund Grant.
  • Events approved for funding shall receive 40% of approved funds in advance of hosting the event with the remaining 60% to be paid out after receipt of the event final report, provided projected room nights have been realized, which is satisfactory to the City. Capital grants are handled somewhat differently, with details worked out between the City of Prince Albert and the Applicant.