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2018 Year in Review (at a glance)

A glance at the many MCAP initiatives completed in 2018. 

2018 Year in Review (complete report)

A complete report of the 2018 MCAP initiatives. 

MCAP Report Card - July 2016-December 2017

How the MCAP is performing 18 months into its implementation.

Cultural Inventory


Municipal Cultural Action Plan (MCAP)
MCAP Brochure


Municipal Cultural Action Plan


The City of Prince Albert is one of the first northern communities in Saskatchewan to lead an exciting and innovative process known as cultural planning.

Cultural planning is a process of inclusive community engagement and decision-making that helps local government, businesses, stakeholders, and community members identify cultural resources and think strategically about how these resources can help a community achieve their goals. Cultural planning is a way of looking at all aspects of a community's cultural life as community assets. Municipal Cultural Planning notably is a municipal government-led process approved by Council, for identifying and leveraging a community's cultural resources, strengthening the management of these resources and integrating them across all facets of municipal government planning and decision-making.

Please see the Municipal Cultural Action Plan documents at the left.

This plan will be integrated into other existing planning tools including Kistapinânihk 2035, Prince Albert’s Official Community Plan and others. 

There have been many actions from the Municipal Cultural Action Plan to date and an evaluation is currently being completed.

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