Bylaw Responsibilities

Bylaws are created, interpreted and administered by a number of City departments and divisions. The list below provides summary information on some City Bylaws and the responsibilities outlined within them. 

The information contained on this page should not be relied upon as an official interpretation of the various regulations in effect by municipal, provincial and federal governments. Please review the complete bylaw, or contact the Prince Albert Bylaw Enforcement Unit, for more information. 

If you are looking for information on a specific bylaw that is not listed on this page, or if you would like to request copies of the bylaw brochures, please complete the bylaw request forms on this page. 

Bylaw Responsibilities

Garbage and Recycling Bins
Curbside bins left on the street are at a greater risk of vandalism and get in the way of on-street parking spaces. 
Brochure:Garbage and Recycling Bins
More Information: Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Pickup

Pet Ownership
There are a number of regulations that provide for a safe and healthy environment for people and their pets.
Brochure: Pet Ownership
More Information: Animal/Pest Control

Smoking in Public Places
In order to promote the safe, enjoyable and reasonable use of public places for the benefit of all residents and visitors, smoking in certain public locations in Prince Albert is prohibited. 
Brochure: Smoking in Public Places Bylaw

Snow Clearing Parking Bans
Parked vehicles get in the way of snow clearing operations and cause large piles of snow to be left on newly cleared streets. This can be a cause of frustration for your neighbours and other motorists. 
Brochure: Snow Clearing Parking Bans
More Information: Snow Clearing Parking Bans

Unsightly Properties
A property is considered a nuisance if it is, among other things, damaged, dilapidated, vulnerable to trespass, boarded up, overgrown with grass, untidy or unsightly, has junked vehicles or open excavations. 
Brochure: Unsightly Properties


Bylaw Enforcement
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