Creative Kids Grant

Creative KidsCreative Kids

Creative Kids is a charitable program that provides financial assistance to children and youth 19 years of age and under who would like to participate in art, culture or creative experiences.  The program helps cover the costs associated with participation which may include registration fees, equipment or supplies.  Funded through a partnership with Give Kids a Chance Charity and SaskCulture, Creative Kids is modeled after KidSport which provides financial assistance for children and youth wishing to participate in sport activities.

Activities eligible for Creative Kids funding are wide-ranging and may include art lessons, dance classes, language lessons, music instruction, cultural camp, heritage activities, multicultural dance and all other activities that are associated with art, culture or creativity.  Creative Kids relies on donations, and 100% of all funds raised for Creative Kids will go towards supporting program participants.

Creative Kids has a local district committee to review applications and manage this program. For more information and application deadlines, or an application, call the Lakeland District Creative Kids Committee at (306) 953-1623, extension 4, or visit the LDSCR website at or the Creative Kids website at