The Official Flag of Prince Albert

This flag was designed by Miss Milda Hunter of Arborfield and modified by Mr. Carter Watson and the Celebration's Committee during Prince Albert's 75th Jubilee Year in 1979.  Declared the "Jubilee Flag," it was later declared the Official Flag of the City of Prince Albert on January 1, 1980 by the City Council.

The symbolism is as follows:

Green and gold are the official City colours.  Green represents forests and gold represents agriculture.

The four triangles represent the building blocks of industry:  fur, fish, forestry and farming.

The stylized tree represents the abundance of parks and recreational playground.

The arrow pointing north represents all roads that lead north to and from Prince Albert, the "Gateway to the North."

The arrowhead symbol pays tribute to the city's original inhabitants.

City of Prince Albert's Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of Prince Albert was adopted in 1957 after considerable research.

Besides being an attractive Coat of Arms, it is a pictorial history of The City of Prince Albert.

The shield with the beaver and three sheaves of wheat represent the fur trade of the early days and our agricultural industry. The white spruce depicts our lumbering industry.

The North West Mounted Police Constable reflects the connection between The Force and The City which has existed since the Riel uprising of 1885.

The Plains Cree Indian in full regalia represents the Indians who inhabited this area when Prince Albert was founded in 1866.

The emblem at the top of the shield depicts a portion of the Coat of Arms of Prince Albert the Prince Consort. Royal permission was granted for such usage.

The Coat of Arms is governed by the City of Prince Albert's logo use policy.

City of Prince Albert Logo

PA CrestColour

The latest contemporary modernization of the Coat of Arms was developed in 2015 and was revised in consultation with the Canadian Heraldic Authority and the Saskatchewan Indian Cultural Centre.

The original 1957 Coat of Arms was approved as the City’s official seal through Bylaw No. 68 of 1957. As the official seal of the City of Prince Albert, the original depiction of the Coat of Arms will continue to be used in an official capacity wherever the seal is required. Examples of such uses include agreements, bylaws and tax certificates. The modernized Coat of Arms will be used as the City’s logo for daily use. Examples of such uses includes letterhead, publications, website, business cards etc.

The City of Prince Albert’s corporate identity is a valuable organizational asset that distinguishes Prince Albert’s services from those of other organizations. The modernized version of the Coat of Arms, together with the text “City of Prince Albert” as depicted on page 3 of the Corporate Identity Guidelines, is considered the logo of the City of Prince Albert. The proper use and display of the logo is outlined in this document.

The City Logo is considered official property of the City and is to be used exclusively by the City for operations related to the City of Prince Albert. The City Logo shall not be used by outside firms, agencies, organizations, individuals or groups without authorization from City Council unless there has been formal involvement of the City through monetary or in-kind support in which case authorization from Corporate Communications would be sufficient. Please see the City’s Logo Use Policy for complete usage requirements or contact Corporate Communications for further information.

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