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Ward Map

This map shows the eight geographical areas of the city that make up Prince Albert's City Council.

City Street Map Index (Tourism Map)
This map provides an index of street names as well as the coordinates to help you locate a particular street on the map.
Facilities, Parks & Recreation
This map gives details on City Park locations, recreational facilities and other key institutions, and their amenities.
Satellite Image

This is a satellite image of Prince Albert provided by Google Maps.  It allows the user to navigate the map and zoom in on specific locations.

Civic Address Map
This map displays address information for areas within the City limits.  Adjust the magnification of the page to see more detail.
Rotary Trail

The trail features a ten-foot wide asphalt pathway which is accessible to all types of users such as cyclists, inline skaters, wheelchair users, walkers, seniors, skateboarders and joggers. The Trail is bi-directional and enhances recreational opportunities.

City of Prince Albert
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