Tree Trimming and Removal

Tree maintenance, including pruning and removal, is undertaken by the Urban Forestry Crew on City of Prince Albert property and right of ways in order to keep Prince Albert’s Urban Forest in the best possible condition as established by good arboriculture standards. The final decision to trim or remove a tree is at the discretion of the Forestry Crew.


Trees on Private Property

Tree pruning and removal on private properties is the responsibility of the property owner and includes all associated costs. Permits are not required. All tree branches, stumps, etc. that are removed should be properly disposed of and not left on city property. If tree branches have grown into overhead power lines, SaskPower should be contacted before any tree maintenance or removal is done.


Tree Pruning and Removal Priority

Requests for the pruning and removal of trees are systematically prioritized so that hazard tree concerns are addressed first and general pruning requests are addressed as time and resources permit. Prioritization is based on the following guidelines (in descending order of priority):


Emergency: Where a tree is considered hazardous and presents an immediate danger to the public such as in the case of a structural failure or potential immediate failure.



  • A tree trunk or large branch has fallen across a road, blocking traffic.
  • A street tree is splitting, cracking, and/or leaning, showing signs of imminent failure as assessed by a qualified arborist or member of the Urban Forestry Crew


High Priority: Where a tree interferes with City infrastructure, is damaging property, has been approved for removal due to City infrastructure repair, has been approved for removal due to confirmed cases of disease, and/or impedes public or service access.



  • A street tree needs to be removed or pruned in order to repair existing utilities
  • A public tree needs to be removed due to a confirmed case of disease (i.e. Dutch Elm Disease)
  • Branches from a public tree are rubbing against a building
  • Trees along a rear lane require trimming to improve access for sanitation service delivery and to prevent vehicle damage to that effect
  • Tree trimming and pruning that is required in advance of the Seasonal
  • Paving Program to prevent delays and associated costs to the City by contractors. This work is completed to provide ease of access.
  • A tree may be removed because its root system has proven to enter the sewer system on several occasions of a private residence. Removal prevents ongoing costs to clear the lines.
  • A tree is near a street lamp, traffic intersection, crosswalk, or traffic sign and is affecting sight lines or visibility.


Low Priority: General tree pruning and non-hazardous (aesthetic) maintenance.


  • A public tree has die-back but is not considered a hazard.
  • A street tree is interfering or shading a privately-owned tree.
  • A tree is near a street lamp or traffic sign, but is not currently affecting visibility.
  • A tree needs a general pruning for the health of the tree and to relieve the weight of low hanging branches

Please also note that in order to protect against Dutch elm disease, there is a province-wide ban on cutting and trimming elm trees between March 31 and August 31 each year. Please see the Pruning Elm Trees page for more information including instructions on the proper disposal of elm trees.

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