Pet Licenses

Pet licensing is an important way for pet owners to maintain the safety and security of their pets.  By licensing your pet, bylaw enforcement officers and Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) staff can easily find pet owners and return pets to their homes.

Purchasing/Renewing Pet Licenses

Pet licenses can be purchased or renewed at the following locations:

  • City Hall (1084 Central Avenue),
  • SPCA (1125 North Industrial Drive), or
  • Paw Print Inn (1151 North Industrial Drive).

Cost of a Pet License:

Neutered $25.00
Non-neutered $75.00
Under 6 months $25.00
Neutered $25.00
Non-neutered $75.00
Under 6 months $25.00


The following fees apply should your cat or dog be impounded:

Pound fees $60.00

Care and sustenance fee: The rate per day, or a portion thereof, commencing at 12:00 a.m. on the day immediately following the day of impoundment shall be the rate that is charged as determined by the local market rate.

You may also be assessed an additional fee for your pet running at large or for failure to license your pet.

First-time offender $75.00
Second offence $125.00
Third offense $275.00

Get out of Pound Free Program

Licensed pets that are spayed or neutered are automatically included in the Get out of Pound Free program. The first time a pet is found at large, it will be granted:

  • one free ride home with no charge being filed against the owner and/or
  • one waiver of pound fees if the pet is impounded and picked up by the owner within 24 hours.

Note that this program applies only to the first time an animal is found at large and only once within that animal's lifetime. Fines will be issued for any future offenses.

Fees for animal control violations have increased. See the Animal Control Violations on the Animal/Pest Control page.

For more information, please see the Responsible Pet Ownership Bylaw or view the Bylaw Enforcement page.

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