Landfill Passes

The City of Prince Albert has introduced a landfill pass system that will replace the "Free Weeks at the Landfill" program.

The landfill pass system has been created to provide access to the landfill for residents throughout the year.  The following criteria for the program has been set out to regulate the use of the free passes and ensure that it is coordinated in a way that is as straightforward as possible for both the City of Prince Albert and the users of the pass system. 

Who qualifies?

All households in the City of Prince Albert that pay a sanitation fee as of January 1 of the current year qualify for the program. 

One access pass will cover the cost of a load under 150 kilograms or, if larger than 150 kilograms, will contribute the value of 150 kg towards the total cost of the load.

The sanitation fee on your water utility/sanitation bill pays for the operational expenses relating to the landfill. 

Who does not qualify?

If you do not pay a sanitation fee (commercial businesses, some apartments and many condominiums) you do not qualify for this program. If you did not pay a sanitation fee until after January 1, 2017, you will only qualify for the program during the following quarter of the billing cycle. (E.G. Sign up after Jan 01 –March 31 your Cycle starts in April and you will have 3 passes) The City of Prince Albert has the right to suspend, ban from the Landfill or discontinue the pass system to anyone that abuses or misuses this program.  

How to redeem your free pass:

To redeem a free pass, you will need to bring a recent (from within the last three months and with Bar code) water utility/sanitation bill for an active account and present it to the attendants at the landfill.  They will update the number of passes used on your visit.

PLEASE NOTE:  Use of the passes is not limited to the name that appears on the water utility/sanitation account. The City will not mediate any disputes that arise out of accesses that were utilized without the knowledge of the account holder.  Any water utility/sanitation bill for an active account is considered a pass card and will be accepted without question (up to a maximum of four uses). 

What does your free pass get you?

Each access allows you to bring in a load that weighs under 150 kilograms.  If you have a load that is over this weight, you may combine your passes and pay any outstanding amounts.  Please note that no refunds will be provided if the value of the number of passes utilized exceeds the dollar value of the load taken to the landfill. If the load value is higher than the 4 passes, you must be prepared to pay the remaining balance in full.

You will be permitted a maximum of four passes in one year.  When you redeem your pass with the landfill attendant, your number of passes applied to the utility/sanitation account will be registered. (If you have a late Sanitation account start you will only receive passes equal to the quarterly amount remaining in  the billing year. E.g. A move-in date in September would allow one free pass credit towards your account.

Unused passes from a prior year cannot be applied to the next calendar year. 

What doesn't apply?

This program only applies to household garbage including small broken appliances, furniture, mattresses, spring boxes, cushions, fence posts, damaged or demolished sheds, etc. This does not apply to appliances containing Freon (fridges, deep freezes, air conditioners, etc.), tires, Hazardous waste items, contaminated soil or items containing asbestos.  Standard rates will apply for these items. Additional charges assessed by the Kiosk are final and the City will not mediate any disputes after the Kiosk transaction.  

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