Anti-Graffiti Paint Program

What is graffiti? Graffiti means any drawing, inscription, writing or other mark that disfigures or defaces any building, accessory building, fence or other structure, however made or otherwise affixed.
How to
prevent graffiti?
The most effective way to prevent graffiti is to remove it promptly. Studies show that removal within 24 to 48 hours results in a nearly zero rate of reoccurrence.

The Anti-Graffiti Paint Program encourages citizens to help reduce graffiti vandalism by REPORTING IT, RECORDING IT and/or REMOVING IT.

Homeowners, business owners and privately owned facilities can apply to the City of Prince Albert to receive one FREE Paint Kit (one gallon of paint, plastic gloves, one tray and one brush/roller), allowing the individual to paint over graffiti located on exterior surfaces of their private property.

PLEASE NOTE: Painting over graffiti can only be undertaken on your own personal property. Residents are not permitted to paint over graffiti on a neighbouring property, public bench or community facility. Proof of address of the applicant (e.g. water bill or tax notice) will be required when applying for the program.  If you are a renter of the home, you may apply for the Paint Kit but you are responsible as the applicant for obtaining permission from the property owner to undertake the work.

To apply for your one FREE Paint Kit, you will need to obtain and complete an Anti-Graffiti Paint Program application form from the Community Services Department (3rd Floor, City Hall) and return it to them for approval.

Program Availability: Program is available for as long as weather permits.  Applications received when temperatures are less than 0 degrees Celsius will not be considered .

Home owners and/or businesses are eligible for only 1 Paint Kit per application and/or incident as part of the Anti-Graffiti Paint Program.

NOTE: The  Anti-Graffiti Paint Program does not include costs to sandblast or remove graffiti in alternative manners, and the Anti-Graffiti Paint Program is not retroactive. Each applicant will have a maximum of 30 days to complete their work, after which time a follow-up inspection will be done by the Assistant Parks Manager to ensure work was done to the City's standards.

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