Commercial, Hotel and Multi-Residential Properties

Income and Expense Data - Request for Information

Formal requests for income and expense information are sent out each year by the Assessment and Taxation Division to the owners of commercial, hotel and multi-family properties. The due date for the return of this information is 30 days from the mailing of the request.

The annual collection of income and expense information provides the best data for our staff to analyze, thus enabling us to understand the market forces at play for the various commercial property types that are valued on the income approach. This information is integral to the operation of the division, and its submission is a requirement of the Cities Act. The capture of this information is critical for the division's task of accurately and fairly determining the assessed value of real estate in Prince Albert.

The valuable market data obtained through this year's income and expense information-gathering process will be instrumental in describing the market conditions for the current realty assessment roll which has a reference point of the year 2015. While all data collected relating to a non-reference year is important, the data related to the market conditions immediately proceeding the reference year is absolutely critical.

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