Assessment Appeals

If you are considering filing an appeal of your property assessment, you are advised to first contact the City Assessor’s office at 953-4320 to discuss your concerns regarding your assessment. Your notice of appeal must include a statement providing specifics of this discussion.

Property assessment is the process of determining a fair value for property tax purposes as of a specific date. Fair value is determined by applying the rules and procedures that are contained in the Saskatchewan Assessment Manual and by following the appropriate statutes. The City of Prince Albert uses assessments as a basis for the distribution of property taxes. Remember, assessment is not the same as property tax. The Board of Revision is only concerned with whether or not the valuation or classification of your property has been determined correctly and fairly. 

A property assessment appeal is not about the level of taxation. Therefore, you must clearly state the specific grounds on which it is alleged that an error exists and list particular facts supporting each ground of appeal. Simply stating that the assessment is too high is not sufficient. You must provide evidence to the Board of Revision that your property is assessed incorrectly.

An appeal against your assessed property value does not release you from your obligation to pay your taxes on time or from late payment penalties. If an appeal is successful, an adjustment will be made to your account.

Legislation governing assessment appeals is provided in The Cities Act. 

Appeals to the Board of Revision

Appellants should meet with City Assessment staff to discuss your appeal prior to completing the notice of appeal form. The meeting may enable you and the assessor to agree on specific facts or issues surrounding your appeal. Certain details regarding this meeting, specifically the date and any outcomes, are to be included within your notice of appeal. If the meeting does not take place, you must indicate why this did not happen.

When making an assessment appeal, be sure to complete all portions of the form and if necessary, use an attachment. If you do not include all the required information, your appeal may not be considered by the Board. 

You must provide specific grounds supporting the appeal. You are required to provide as many details as possible including all facts and evidence that an error has been made in the:

  • Valuation of the land/improvement;
  • Classification of the land/improvement;
  • Preparation of the relevant assessment roll or assessment notice; and/or
  • Content of the relevant assessment roll or assessment notice.

The grounds for the appeal must be detailed. Phrases such as "assessment too high" and "assessment too low" are not sufficient. It is your responsibility to make a case to the Board of Revision. It may be as simple as proving that dimensions or measurements are wrong or that a classification is not correct, or as complex as proving that the value of a property is not fairly assessed compared to another property that is similar in nature. The secretary of a Board of Revision is responsible to review your appeal, and in situations where the appeal does not meet minimum content requirements, the secretary may provide you up to 14 days to fix errors that the secretary finds in the grounds for an appeal.

Notice of Appeal Form

If a taxpayer does not agree with an assessment, he or she may appeal the assessment by completing the notice of appeal form.

Assessment Appeal Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the assessment appeals process including what to expect at a hearing. 

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