Permanent Signs

Download the Permanent Sign Permit Application.

Permanent Sign means any device which is placed on or affixed to a building, structure, or land intended for the advertising or calling attention to any person, matter, object or event.

The following must be submitted along with your completed application:

  • the civic address and legal description of the land;
  • a site plan with dimensions showing the location of the sign to the property lines;
  • an engineered drawing and foundation drawing of the sign;
  • the height and area of sign and the height from grade to underside of sign;
  • construction details, material specifications and weight of sign (include on plan);
  • a description and location of any other existing sign (The application will be reviewed to ensure compliance with the Zoning Bylaw);
  • the amount of projection from the face of the building, if applicable; and
  • the dimensions of the building face to which it is to be attached, including structural details.

If you have any questions in regards to applying for a sign permit or for an existing sign, please contact Planning and Development Services.

Please note:  All formal regulations surrounding permanent signs and the corresponding obligations are found in the Zoning Bylaw. It is the responsibility of the sign owner to review and comply with these regulations

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