Flood Plain (1:500)

The "Statements of Provincial Interest", as established by the Province of Saskatchewan, requires cities to recognize the 1:500 flood plain within their municipal legislation, including their Official Community Plans. As such, in cooperation with the Ministry of Government Relations, the City of Prince Albert has developed a number of policies that will minimize and mitigate the impact on property located within the 1:500 flood plain.

Upcoming Meetings

Flood Plain Update Meeting
The City of Prince Albert is inviting all interested stakeholders to a meeting on:

Wednesday, September 6, 2017
Riverside School Gymnasium
511 5 Ave East

During the meeting, attendees can expect to hear about the ten policies that will be incorporated into the Official Community Plan along with examples of recent developments that have been constructed within the flood plain. There will also be an opportunity for questions and answers.

Flood Plain Update Meeting Presentation

Flood Plain Public Hearing
Public Notice - Official Community Plan Amendment - Bylaw No. 24 of 2017

At the City Council meeting held on June 26, 2017, Bylaw No. 24 of 2017 received first reading. Bylaw 24 of 2017 proposes to add section 10.9 to the OCP which outlines a number of policies that will be recognize the 1:500 yr flood plain, and also minimize and mitigate its impact. Options for development permits, building permits, subdivisions, and building construction are included within the bylaw, along with a Flood Plain map and definitions. Draft wording of the proposed amendments can be found below. 

A Public Hearing regarding the proposed amendments will be held during the City Council meeting on:

September 18, 2017
Council Chamber
City Hall

Please see the Public Notice for more information. 

Proposed Amendments - Section 10.9
Schedule A - Bylaw 24 of 2017

Flood Plain Mapping

Approximately 2000 homes mainly located in the West Flat, East Flat and Hazeldell neighborhoods are located in the 1:500 hundred year flood risk area.

1 in 500 Flood Plain Maps
Flood Plain Parcels - East Side
Flood Plain Parcels - West Side
Flood Plain Map - East and West

1 in 100 Flood Plain Maps
Flood Plain Parcels - East Side
Flood Plain Parcels - West Side

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