Frequently-used Phone Numbers

DepartmentSorted By Department In Ascending OrderNumberLink
Accounts Payable306.953.4344
Accounts Receivable306.953.4321 
Airport - Other inquiries306.953.4900Airport website
Alfred Jenkins Field House306.953.4989 
Animal Control see Animals within the City -
Emergency Numbers
Art Hauser Centre306.953.4848Art Hauser Centre page
Arts Centre306.953.4811Arts Centre page
Assessment Division306.953.4320
Assessment page
Bernice Sayese Centre306.763.9378Bernice Sayese
web page
Board of Revision306.953.4305Board of Revision
web page
Building Inspections306.953.4370Building Inspections
web page
Building Permit (Inquiries)306.953.4370Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development Page
Business Licensing306.953.4384
Business Licensing
Bylaw Enforcement306.953.4222Bylaw Enforcement page
Bylaw Inquiries306.953.4305 
Cemetery South Hill306.953.4800South Hill Cemetery page
City Clerk306.953.4305City Clerk's web page
City Council Information306.953.4305City Council web page
City Manager306.953.4395City Manager's page
City Solicitor306.953.4315City Solicitor's web page
Claims / Insurance306.953.4350 
Community Clubs & Centres
(general information)
306.953.4812Community Clubs web page
Community Services306.953.4800 
Corporate Communications306.953.4367Corporate Communications web page
Cosmo Lodge
(Little Red River Park)
306.953.4879Cosmo Lodge web page
Dave G Steuart Arena306.953.4844Steuart Arena web page
Development Permits306.953.4370Residential, Commercial and Industrial Development Page
Dog Complaintssee Bylaw Enforcement 
E. A. Rawlinson Centre
for the Arts
306.765.1270Rawlinson Centre web site
Emergency Communication Centre306.953.4211 
Engineering Departmentsee Public Works 
Facilities Division306.953.4800 
Financial Services306.953.4350 
Frank J. Dunn Pool306.953.4829Frank J. Dunn Pool web page
Garbage Collection306.953.4900Garbage and Recycling web page
Historical Museum306.764.2992Museum web site
Human Resources306.953.4310Job Postings
John M. Cuelenaere Public Library306.763.8496Cuelenaere Library web site
Kinsmen Arena306.953.4839Kinsmen Arena
web page
Kinsmen Community Heritage Centre (c/o Margo Fournier Centre)306.953.4826 
Kinsmen Water Park306.953.4835Kinsmen Water Park
web page
Legal Department306.953.4315City Solicitor's web page
Mann Art Gallery(306) 763-7080Mann Art Gallery Website
Margo Fournier Center306.953.4816Margo Fournier Center
web page
Mayor's Office306.953.4300Mayor's Office
web page
Outdoor Sports Fields306.953.4842 
Parking Ticket Inquiries306.953.4330Parking Tickets
web page
Parks Division306.953.4800Parks web page
Pet Licenses306.953.4337
If you have lost or found
a dog, please call the
SPCA at 306.763.6110
Pet Licenses
web page
Planning and Development306.953.4370Planning web page
Playground Program (summer)306.953.4816Playground Program
web page
Police - Non Emergency306.953.4222Prince Albert Police
web site
Property Sales306.953.4377Property Sales
Public Works306.953.4900 
Purchasing306.953.4343Tenders page
Raider Hockey Club Administration306.764.5348PA Raiders website
Raider Hockey Club Ticket Sales306.764.4263Raiders' Ticket Sales
Recreation Division306.953.4800 
Sign Permits306.953.4370Sign Permits
Taxation Division306.953.4320
Taxation page
Tourist Information306.953.4385Tourism website
Waste Water Treatment Plant306.953.4951Waste Water Treatment Plant
Water Division306.953.4340Water Division
Water Treatment Plant306.953.4948Water Treatment Plant
Zoning Information306.953.4370Zoning page

City of Prince Albert
1084 Central Avenue
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 7P3

Phone:  306.953.4884