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Compost Bins

65 gallon bin     200 gallon bin

Compost bins are available for sale at the Prince Albert landfill. 

65 gallon $25 - Holds approximately 200kg of compost
200 gallon $30 - Holds approximately 485 kg of compost

The bins are old refurbished garbage and recycling bins that are no longer in use. 

Bins can be purchased and picked up at the Prince Albert Landfill. 

Instructions for your new bin:

  1. Dig a hole around the base of the bin
  2. Remember that compost needs four things: Green material, brown material, air and water. 
  3. When the bin is full, you can lift it up and the soil will come out the bottom. 

For more tips on composting, please see the Compost Corner blog. 


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