Policies are guiding principles that govern the administration of a municipality, requiring that its actions reflect its vision, goals and objectives. Policies establish service levels and define key terms of service.

PolicySorted By Policy In Ascending OrderNumberCategory
11-round Card Policy65Golf
Abatement of Penalties for Late Tax Payments Policy48.1Taxation
Advertising Transit Route Changes Policy25Transit
Annual Fee Setting Policy64Golf
Applications for Tax Relief Policy51Taxation
Banking Earned Days Off Policy31Administrative
Benefits - Group Insurance Program Policy13.2Administrative
Block Party Policy15Community
Booking Procedure Policy62.1Golf
Card One and Card Two Unused Rounds Policy63Golf
City Auction Policy96Financial Services
City Hall Parking Lot and Parking of City Vehicles at City Hall Policy 55Administrative
City-owned Transit Vehicle Charters Policy 60Transit
Civic Addressing Policy83Planning
Civic Arts Policy75Community
Community Grant Program Policy56.2Community
Complimentary Parking Policy29.2Administrative
Condominium Conversion Policy12.1Planning
Conflict of Interest Policy09.1Administrative
Construction Not Requiring a Building Permit76Planning
Criminal Background Check Policy32.1Administrative
Customer Services Standards Policy54Administrative
Custom Work Order Policy97Administrative
Destination Marketing Levy Policy89.2Administrative
Development Appeals Board Policy39.1Planning
Downtown Improvement Reserve Policy95Financial Services
Electronic Communications Policy30Administrative
Employment of Relatives Policy10Administrative
Encroachment Policy85.1Roads and Traffic
External Funding Policy69Corporate
Fence and Hedge Enforcement Policy70Planning
First Right of Refusal on Purchase of Land Policy52Property Sales
Flag Protocol Policy45.2Community
Freedom of Information and Access to Information Policy81Corporate
Gifts, Favours and Entertainment Policy11Administrative
Housing Reserve Policy68.1Planning
Investment Policy82Financial Services
Lamp Post Banner Program Policy79Community
Land Administration Policy87Property Sales
Legal Document Execution Policy36Property Sales
Logo Use Policy38Corporate
Longitudinal Pavement Markings Policy91Roads and Traffic
Long-Service and Retirement Recognition Policy46Administrative
Major Event Policy06.1Community
Mobile Food Vendor Policy58.2Economic Development
Monuments and Memorial Policy77Community
Moving Expenses Policy02Administrative
Municipal Heritage Award Policy47.1Planning
Naming Rights and Sponsorship Policy71Administrative
Occupational Health and Safety Policy19.1Administrative
Outdoor Special Event Policy73Community
Out-of-Scope Employees Job Review Policy24Administrative
Out-of-Scope Employees Overtime Policy21.1Administrative
Out of Scope Employees Sick Leave & Usage Policy98Administrative
Out-of-Scope Training and Travel Time Policy26Administrative
Over-dimension Loads Policy18.3Transportation
Parade Policy16.2Community
Payment of Grants to External Agencies Policy05Corporate
Permanent and Temporary Parking Changes Policy53.2Roads and Traffic
Pin Policy22.1Corporate
Policy and Procedures Policy01Administrative
Preparation Deadline for Budget Documents Policy67Corporate
Progressive Discipline Policy33Administrative
Property Maintenance Appeal Board Policy44.1Administrative
Public Art Policy86Community
Purchasing Policy17.4Corporate
Recreation Facility Program Policy92Community
Regional Procurement Partnership Policy88Financial Services
Report-Approval Policy93Administrative
Respectful Workplace Policy04Administrative
Roadside Memorial Policy27.1Roads and Traffic
Snow and Ice Control Policy8.2Roads and Traffic
Social Media Policy59Administrative
Stop and Yield Signs Policy66Roads and Traffic
Street-naming Policy35.5Planning
Tax Deductible Donation Policy and Procedure Policy07Corporate
Tax Payments Received After Close of Business on Tax Deadline Date Policy49.1Taxation
Terry Fox Award Policy90Community
Tournament Policy61Golf
Traffic Calming Policy84Transportation
Traffic Sign Installation Policy80Transportation
Training and Development Policy 74Administrative
Transfer of Mineral Titles Policy50Property Sales
Travel/Meal/Accommodation/Vehicle Policy03.5Administrative
Use of Cell Phones/Wireless Communications Devices Policy28Administrative
Use of City Hall and Memorial Square Policy78Community
Utilization of Electronic Devices with Monitoring Capabilities Policy57Corporate
Vacation Policy (Out of Scope) Administrative
Waiving of Fees and In-Kind Support Policy72.1Community
Website - External Links Policy43.1Corporate
Workers Compensation Board Reserve Allocations Policy94Corporate

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