Water Main Breaks and Repairs

Water main breaks occur from time-to-time in the winter.  Pipe age, soil condition, pipe material and pressure changes in the system can all play a part in a water main break, but one of the biggest causes is freezing temperatures. 

If your property is affected by a water main break there is a risk of soil or other contaminants entering the water supply. To advise you of what to do in this situation, the City of Prince Albert will hand deliver a Drinking Water Advisory letter to all properties affected with further information. Although only a small percentage of properties in the City are affected each year, residents are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the process by reviewing the 8 steps of a water main repair and a list of frequently asked questions. 

If there is an active break reported, it will be updated on the Drinking Water Advisory page as it moves through the repair and testing process. 

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