Snow Clearing

The City’s Snow and Ice Control Policy describes the manner in which snow and ice control will be conducted by City forces. The purpose of the policy is to outline the process that the Public Works Department will utilize:

  • To provide for the operation of emergency services and transit;
  • To provide vehicular traffic with adequate mobility under prevailing winter conditions within the City’s financial resources;
  • To prevent or reduce accidents or injuries due to winter conditions;
  • To minimize economic loss to the community resulting from restricted transportation routes and;
  • To ensure that city owned parking lots do not become impassible.

Snow Clearing Priority System

Snow clearing is conducted according to a priority system, starting with major roadways and emergency streets. When storms are continuous, or closely follow one another, operations will be repeated or continued on the routes of highest priority until all such roads are completed before moving onto streets of a lesser priority. Please see the Plowing Priority Map.

    Priority 1: Major Arterial Roads and Emergency Routes
    • Roads will be open in 24 hours, have Ice control operations concluded in 24 hours and will be plowed to remove snow as close to the road surface as possible.

    Priority 2: Collector Roads, City Bus Routes and School Zones
    • Roads will be opened in 48 hours, plowed in 120 hours and have ice control operations concluded within 48 hours.
    • Priority 2 roads will be plowed to remove snow, but snow of varying depths may be left on the road in accordance with what is required to minimize driving difficulty. School Zones will either have snow blown off the roadway surface or will have snow lifted to a designated snow dump.

    Priority 3: Central Business District
    • Roads will be opened, plowed and have ice control operations concluded as determined by the Director of Public Works or designate.
    • Priority 3 will be bladed to maintain a compacted snow surface

    Priority 4: Residential
    • Roads will be open, plowed and have ice control operations concluded as determined by the Director of Public Works or designate.
    • Priority 4 roads will be completed only after all other priority streets are plowed and will only be completed as required to ensure that they are passable.
    • Priority 4 roads are shown on the Plowing Schedule above. Lanes are considered the lowest priority and will be conducted based on feasibility.
    • Residential snow clearing operations are conducted on days when there is no garbage or recycling collection occurring.

Continuous Snowfall

If snow storms are continuous, or follow closely one after the other, operations will be repeated or continued on the highest priority until completed before moving on to the next priority. As an example, crews will leave the priority two streets, even if not complete, to return to priority one and start over.

Parking bans are put in place in order to hasten the process of snow clearing from city streets. Fines and towing are an option to to encourage compliance.

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