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The Meeting Place Photography Contest

Photography Contest Winners Announced

Thank-you to everyone that submitted photos in The Meeting Place Photography Contest.  Through the contest we were looking for images that represent Prince Albert and particularly images that show local people in local spaces. With over 300 photos submitted, we now have a fresh new inventory of photos that we can use to promote and showcase Prince Albert. This would not have been possible without the effort of the photographers that took time to take photos and submit them. 

The theme for the contest was drawn from the Cree word Kistahpinanihk which refers to “the meeting place”. 

Photos were reviewed and judged against the following criteria:



People (with corresponding consent forms)


Location (is there a local event, park or facility visible in the photo)


Quality and Clarity




A total of six prizes have been awarded.

First Prize - $500
Second and Third Prize - $250
Three Honourable Mentions - $100.

 Special prizes:

Throughout the contest the City partnered with local organizations to offer prizes for special events. Prizes were awarded to qualified photos. 

Special Event Prizes:

Street Fair - $250 and $100 Cash Prizes - Saturday June 17, 2017
Summit Run - $100 Prize - Saturday June 17, 2017
Culture Days - $75/event - Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2017

2017 Photo Contest Winning Photos