Paving Program

The City's annual $4 million Paving Program started in 2013 and is funded through a $189 Base Tax. At the end of 2017, 47.2 km or 16.4% of roads were paved in Prince Albert. 

Paving and Utility Dig Map - 2013

Paving and Utility Dig Map - 2014

Paving and Utility Dig Map - 2015

Paving and Utility Dig Map - 2016

Paving and Utility Dig Map - 2017

Paving and Utility Dig Map - 2018

Paving and Utility Dig Map - 2019

How roadways are selected for paving

There are a number of factors that are considered before a street list for paving is finalized each year.

  1. Roadways are ranked by their overall Pavement Quality Index (PQI). The index range is 0 to 100. In very simplistic terms, zero is no road, 50 is a minimum passing grade, and 100 is a perfectly constructed new roadway.
  2. They are then given additional ranking by their overall importance to traffic volumes (arterials, collectors or residential streets).
  3. Another factor that is considered each year is the condition of the water and sewer mains that are under a roadway. If underground pipes are in poor condition, the roadway will not be repaved until pipe replacements can be arranged as well.
  4. Finally, roadways are selected by visual inspection after the spring melt to find roads that have just recently broke up but were previously not identified.

Road Closure Notifications
Motorists are asked to consult the City's website for traffic restriction notifications. Individuals can sign-up to receive email alerts when a new traffic restriction is announced. To subscribe to the traffic notification list please visit the email subscription page. To subscribe, click on traffic restrictions and provide your name and email address. You can also check the road closures page.

2019 Paving Program

The following streets are identified for the 2019 paving program. The streets are not listed in any particular order. 48 hours notice will be provided before any streets are closed for paving. This list does not include the other streets identified for patchwork paving this season. The streets identified as a "utility dig" will also have the underground pipes replaced. Please see the paving and utility map above.
Central Avenue NorthHighway #315th Street NWNot Started
River Street WestCentral Avenue3rd Avenue WestNot Started
5th Avenue East (Utility Dig)15 Street East16th Street EastNot Started
River Street West (Utility Dig)8th Avenue West11th Avenue WestNot Started
11th Street East (Utility Dig)Central Avenue1st Avenue EastNot Started
3rd Avenue East (Utility Dig)18th Street East19th Street EastOngoing
13th Street West (Utility Dig)6th Avenue West8th Avenue WestNot Started
38th Street WestService Road4th Avenue WestNot Started
4th Avenue West38th Street West39th Street WestNot Started
28th Street West (Utility Dig)2nd Avenue West4th Avenue WestNot Started
Lacroix CrescentSherman DriveMusk RdNot Started
Musk Road (Utility Dig)Lacroix CrescentErickson CrescentNot Started
Sherman DriveAmos PlaceDent CrescentNot Started
Brock PlaceCook DriveBrock PlaceNot Started
Bradshaw PlaceCook DriveCook DriveNot Started
10th Avenue EastCook Drive22nd Street EastNot Started
4th Street East10th Avenue East12th Avenue EastNot Started
23rd Street East1st Avenue East4th Avenue EastNot Started
Service Road (2nd Ave W)38th Street West44th Street WestNot Started
42nd Street WestHighway 21st Avenue WestNot Started
Wyllie Crescent (Utility Dig)  Not Started
Wyllie StreetWyllie Cres E. LegSherman DriveNot Started
Woodman CrescentWyllie CrescentDunn DriveNot Started
Rotary Trail16th Avenue WestVictoria HospitalNot Started
Parkland Community ClubRink & Basketball Court Ongoing
Alfred Jenkins Field houseParking Lot Renovation Not Started
2nd Avenue West15th Street WestTurn Lane NW CornerNot Started
Crescent Acres Spray ParkConcrete Pad Extension Ongoing

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