Golden Spade Awards - Residential Landscape Promotional Program

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The Golden Spade Awards is a landscape promotional program that recognizes the many beautifully landscaped residential front yards in Prince Albert and the people who put in the time to get them looking so amazing. 

How the program works

If you have a friend or neighbor that lives in the City limits that has a beautifully landscaped front yard, you can nominate them for a Golden Spade Award. Just fill out the form below and submit a photo of the yard.

How the yards and residents are recognized
Front yards that are nominated will receive letter from the Mayor Prince Albert and small token of appreciation for the efforts of the homeowner to make their yards and neighbourhood beautiful. Each yard nominated will also be considered for one of three prizes valued at $100. 


The contest is now closed for the 2017 year. Thank-you to all that submitted nominations and all those that were recognized. 

2017 Winners

Ben and Joni Hladun

Ben and Joni Hladun

Geraldine Denesyk


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