Reporting a Water Main Break

Signs of a water main break include running surface water on the street, a sinkhole, service disruption or pressure changes. If you suspect there may be an active water main break in the City, please contact us immediately to report it. 

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Public Works main line:
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After hours emergency: 
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DWA Incidents

There are a number of incidents that require a Drinking Water Advisory.  Below is a summary of the incident types.

Water Main Repair
Typically maintenance and emergency work, such as a water main break, that takes under 24 hours to repair. Can take as much as 72 hours to repair but depends on the nature of the work, weather and underground conditions such as other utilities or ground water.

Water Main Replacement
Typically capital projects that include the replacement of an entire line of water main. There are typically 4-5 projects per year and can take several weeks to complete.  To find out about the scheduled replacement projects, please view the maps on the Paving Program webpage. Projects for the upcoming year are listed as utility digs on the list. 

Valve, Hydrant and Service Repairs
Typically maintenance work related to the repair or replacement of valves, hydrants or curb stops.


Drinking Water Advisory (DWA)

A Drinking Water Advisory (DWA) is required when the City’s water works crews conduct repairs, maintenance and replacement of the City’s underground water pipes. With this type of work there is a risk of soil or other contaminants entering the water supply. Although this risk is very low, regulations require that a DWA is issued to all residents, businesses and public facilities located along that area of the water supply system.

A DWA lets customers know that work is being conducted on the water supply system in the area, and that, as a precaution, the City is advising them to boil water for drinking and any other activities where water may be ingested until all the work is completed and bacteriological tests come back negative for any contamination.

The DWA provides instructions on boiling water, advises customers whether the water supply will be disconnected while the work is underway, and provides contact information if customers have questions regarding the DWA.

Once all lab tests are complete, City personnel in the field will issue a DWA Lifted Notice to let customers know the water is safe for consumption. 

Please see the links below for examples of the Drinking Water Advisory Notices: 

DWA Notice
DWA Lifted


To find out more about How to Use Water Safely During a Drinking Water Advisory and/or a Boil Water Order, please call Public Health Inspection at (306) 765-6600.

A DWA is not the same as a Boil Water Order. To find out more about the distinction between the two, please see the SaskWater website.  

To learn about the process to repair a pipe and the approximate timelines involved, please see the Steps of a Water Main Repair. 

For more information about what to expect when there is a water service disruption, please see the Water Services Disruption - Frequently Asked Questions


Drinking Water Advisories in Prince Albert

Water main repairs or replacements that require a Drinking Water Advisory are listed below. Status updates will be reported as follows: 

  • DWA Notice Delivered
  • Repair in Progress
  • Water Quality Sent for testing (2 lab samples)
  • DWA Rescind Notice Delivered; or
  • Work Cancelled. 

Updates will be provided once daily at 4:00pm, Monday to Friday (excluding holidays). Reports will only change each day, if there has been a change in status. Please see the Steps of a water Main repair for more details on the process. 

If you live in an area noted on the list, but you have not received a hand-delivered Drinking Water Advisory Notice, your property is NOT affected. Only those that receive a paper notice at their property are affected.

Drinking Water Advisories Issued

LocationStart DateSorted By Start Date In Descending OrderIncidentStatusCommentsDate Rescinded
1100 Block - 3rd Street East6/14/2019Water Main RepairDWA Notice Delivered  
South Industrial Drive6/4/2019Water Main RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 6/14/2019
700 & 800 Block on River Street West5/30/2019Water Main ReplacementDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 6/14/2019
900 Block on River Street West5/28/2019Water Main ReplacementWater Quality Sent For Testing (2 lab samples)  
Unit Block - 15th Street West5/27/2019Water Main RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 6/3/2019
300 Block of 15 Street West5/21/2019Service RepairDWA Notice Delivered 5/27/2019
200 & 300 Block on 20th Street West5/15/2019Hydrant RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 5/27/2019
Unit Block on 27th Street East5/15/2019Hydrant RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 5/27/2019
1200 Block on 13th Street West5/15/2019Water Main RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 5/27/2019
1200 Block on 12th Street West5/15/2019Water Main RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 5/27/2019
400 Block on 26th Street East5/14/2019Hydrant RepairWater Quality Sent For Testing (2 lab samples) 5/21/2019
2500, 2600 & 2700 Block on 4th Avenue East5/14/2019Hydrant RepairWater Quality Sent For Testing (2 lab samples) 5/21/2019
200, 300 & 400 Block on 18th Street East5/13/2019Water Main RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 5/17/2019
1100 Block on 14th Street West5/8/2019Service RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 5/27/2019
300 Block on 3rd Avenue Northwest4/30/2019Water Main RepairDWA Rescind Notice Delivered 5/6/2019
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