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Corporate Identity Guidelines

Corporate Identity Guidelines

The City of Prince Albert’s corporate identity is a valuable organizational asset that distinguishes Prince Albert’s services from those of other organizations. The modernized version of the Coat of Arms, together with the text “City of Prince Albert” as depicted on page 3, is considered the logo of the City of Prince Albert. The proper use and display of the logo is outlined in this document. The use of these standards will assist employees by offering clear and simple instructions when using the logo. Furthermore, it will assist citizen recognition of the City’s logo by presenting it consistently and uniformly. 

The City Logo is considered official property of the City and is to be used exclusively by the City for operations related to the City of Prince Albert. The City Logo shall not be used by outside firms, agencies, organizations, individuals or groups without authorization from City Council unless there has been formal involvement of the City through monetary or in-kind support in which case authorization from Corporate Communications would be sufficient. 

Please see the City’s Logo Use Policy, available at, for complete usage requirements or contact Corporate Communications for further information. For a digital version of the logo or any questions regarding the proper use of the City’s logo, please contact Corporate Communications.Add Content...

Corporate Communications
City of Prince Albert
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