Permit Applications

Complete applications at the time of submission ensure more timely processing of your permit application. 

If you have any questions or require clarification when filling out your building or demolition permit application, please contact the Planning and Development Services Department directly. 

Building division staff will be happy to assist you to ensure all necessary documents are submitted at the time of application. 

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Building and Demolition Permits

A building permit is used to collect information from anyone undertaking a project large or small to ensure that buildings provide both the people living within and those living adjacent to the building with a minimum level of safety and security. A building permit allows a licensed building official to review and verify that the aspects of construction meet the minimum requirements of the National Building Code of Canada.

A building permit is required whenever you are planning on building, renovating, moving or demolishing a building or planning a change of use or an addition to a new or existing building.

It is important to note that in Saskatchewan, the owner of a property is responsible for ensuring that every building on their property meets the standards imposed by the National Building Code of Canada and local building codes.

2015 Building Code

As of January 1, 2018 the province of Saskatchewan adopted the 2015 edition of the National Building Code. Please note that it was originally announced that these changes would be in effect July 1, 2017. Due to delays, the implementation was moved back. For information regarding changes, please consult with the Planning and Development Services Department. 

National Energy Code

As of January 1, 2019, the province of Saskatchewan will be enforcing the National Energy Code for Buildings and section 9.36 of the National Building Code. The new code has changed how buildings are constructed in Prince Albert.

With limited exceptions, all new construction in Prince Albert must comply with the new codes. Given the considerable complexities of the code, a design professional, architect or engineer should prepare the design of the building and building systems to ensure compliance with new energy regulations. Keep in mind that certain construction standards that were accepted before 2019 may no longer apply to new projects.

For those interested in learning more about the requirements and what will need to be submitted as part of the application process, please see the National Energy Code for Buildings Compliance Information.  

Building and Demolition Permit Application

A new building permit application process is in effect starting January 1, 2018. All permits will be processed within 2-10 days depending on the type of application and complexity. 

To submit building plans electronically, email them to  along with either a completed application form or, if an application form has already been submitted, contact information along with the civic address of the building.

Building/Demolition Permits Additional Information and Requirements

Building Permit Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions about the building permit process. 

Building Permit Statistics

The City of Prince Albert provides building permit statistics on a monthly and quarterly basis as well as a quarterly newsletter.

Code Review Sheet

A code review sheet needs to be submitted with a building permit application for any building exceeding 3 storeys and/or 600 sq.m. (6,450 sq.ft.).

Construction, Renovation and Demolition Fire Safety Plan

 For larger scale projects this checklist ensures safety measures are in place in the event of a fire or emergency. This plan is required when submitting a building or demolition permit. 

Commercial Assurance of Field Review
Building permit applications must include a letter of “Commitment for Field Review” which is submitted by the appropriate registered professional when applicable. 

Residential Building Permit Drawing Requirements

General information on potential requirements for building plans to be submitted for residential projects. 

Commercial Building Permit Drawing Requirements

General information on potential requirements for building plans to be submitted for commercial projects. 

Assurance of Field Review and Compliance
The Assurance of Field Review and Compliance Application are required to be submitted after a residential, commercial or industrial project is complete. The intent is that Assurance of Field Review and Compliance forms will be completed by the contractor that completed the work. This form provides the assurance that the construction conforms to the applicable National Building Code of Canada. The Building Division will not close the building permit unless this form is completed and submitted to our office.

Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection & Life Safety Systems Form

This form is to be filled out by the professional employed by the building owner as the Integrated Testing Coordinator.  Under the new provisions of the 2015 NBC, life safety and fire protection systems and systems with fire protection and life safety functions that are integrated with each other, are to be tested as a whole in accordance with CAN/ULC-S1001, “Integrated Systems Testing of Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems,” to verify that they have been properly integrated.