Recycling in the Blue Bins

There is only so much space in any urban landfill. A successful recycling program is the best way to significantly reduce waste and add years to the lifespan of an existing landfill, saving taxpayers millions of dollars in the creation of a new landfill.

The City of Prince Albert has set a goal of diverting 60% of the waste we create from ending up in the landfill. 

We are sure that we can meet this goal with the help of our residents and businesses. The first step is to stop placing recyclable items into the garbage can. A few simple changes can mean a big difference.

Please see the Easy Guide to Recycling to find out what should (and shouldn't) go in your blue bin. No more guessing. Clear, simple guidelines to help you know what to recycle.

Blue Bin Contamination 

Blue recycling bins are NOT for garbage. Garbage in a blue bin contaminates the entire load, sending all the recyclables to the landfill. If you are found to include garbage in your blue bin, it will be tagged to let you know of the violation. If your bin is tagged three times, your blue bin will be removed. If you are unsure about what to include in your blue bin, please see the Easy Guide to Recycling.

Recycling Bin Centres

There are five recycle bin centre locations in the City that can be used for surplus, residential recycling:

  1. East End Hockey Rink - 12th Avenue East
  2. Gateway Mall - South Parking Lot - East Side
  3. 8th Street East Parking Lot (100 Block) - Between the Union Centre and the Royal Canadian Legion
  4. Materials Recovery Facility - 460 - 40th Street East
  5. Municipal Service Centre - 11-38th Street East

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