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St. Paul's Presbyterian Church

Click on photo enlarge.60 - 12th Street East

Category: Sensitive Addition

St. Paul's Presbyterian Church was selected as the recipient of the 2006 Prince Albert Municipal Heritage Award for the addition of its elevator, which was officially put into use on December 19, 1993.

Both the church and the architect, Moore Architecture Consulting Group Ltd., wanted to ensure the addition appeared as if it were part of the original construction dating back to 1906.  The addition can be considered a rehabilitation activity involving the continuation of an existing use.  Much research was done into the original exterior brick.  The architects and masons made much effort to ensure the exerior construction replicated the original structure.  A stained glass window was removed from the east wall of the church, restored and placed in the south-facing wall of the addition.

The addition is also noteworthy for its foundation.  The mason recovered fieldstones that matched the foundation stones of the original church.  Manitoba tyndall stone forms a band above the foundation, and the brick and carpentry all blend together to make this addition pleasing to the eye.  This sensitive addition is an accomplishment considering contemporary construction methods and technology were used to build onto an older building.  Both the church and the architect are to be commended for the great lengths they went to in ensuring the success of this project.

This project is a great example of how rehabilitation can allow a heritage building to evolve and adapt to modern needs.  St. Paul's Presbyterian Church has become a part of our identity as a city and a source of pride.

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