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About Prince Albert

Located in the heartland of northern Saskatchewan, the City of Prince Albert is a vibrant and innovative municipality that prides itself on being a family focused community. Situated just minutes from lake country the City of Prince Albert is a recreational paradise that offers all the benefits of big city amenities including access to arts, entertainment and unique cultural experiences. The City is leading the way in creating an active, prosperous and healthy City of opportunity for our 36,000 residents.

Prince Albert is the third largest City in Saskatchewan. Located in the broad valley of the North Saskatchewan River near the geographical center of the province where the agricultural prairie of the south and the rich forest belt of the north meet. Much of Prince Albert is built on the sloping south bank of the North Saskatchewan River while the north bank provides a spectacular view of mixed forest, typical of northern Saskatchewan.

Prince Albert functions as a service, retail and distribution centre for northern Saskatchewan's resource industries - mining, forestry and agriculture. It is anticipated that this function will continually be enhanced by increased northern resource development. A well developed highway system links Prince Albert with surrounding areas. The City is also the focal point for Northern Saskatchewan's railway network.

Please see the City's Community Profile for statistical information about Prince Albert's population.

View the City of Prince Albert's official flag and Coat of Arms.


Source: Stats Canada, Census Profile, Prince Albert, CY, Saskatchewan (Census Subdivision), 2011


Physical Setting

The City of Prince Albert is fortunate in being well located within its environment; having a harmony in which the City and its forest setting merge. Situated along the valley of the North Saskatchewan River, Prince Albert has an altitude of 428.25 metres above sea level.

* from Statisic Canada


Geographical Data


428.20 metres (1405 ft) ASL


53⁰12’52.000” N


105⁰40’23.000 W

Time Zone

Central Standard Time

Prevailing Wind Direction

East & West

Total Area in City Boundaries

7,123 Ha (17,602 ac)

Total Forest Area in City Boundaries

2,081 Ha (5,142 ac)

Public Open Space and Parks

775 Ha (1,916 ac)


Prince Albert experiences a continental climate with variable temperature changes. The daily normal mean temperature varies from 17.4 C in July to -21.5 Celsius in January with recorded extremes from 39.4 Celsius to below -42 Celsius.

Prince Albert has an average precipitation of 405.3 millimetres with 294.3 millimetres of rain and 119 centimetres of snow. The average humidity is 61%.

The prevailing northwest winds create an average force of 14.7 km/hr. This creates a pleasantly temperate climate of long sunny days and peacefully cool nights in the summer and winters of crisp sunny days with little or no wind.

Bright sunshine hours in Prince Albert are among the highest in Canada with an annual average of 2170.6 hours per year or about 6 hours per day.


Source: Environment Canada


Source: Environment Canada


Source: Environment Canada


Source: Environment Canada

Frost-free Days

Source: Environment Canada

More Information

City of Prince Albert
1084 Central Avenue
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 7P3

Phone:  306.953.4884