Reporting a Water Main Break

Signs of a water main break include running surface water on the street, a sinkhole, service disruption or pressure changes. If you suspect there may be an active water main break in the City, please contact us immediately to report it. 

Regular office hours
Public Works main line:
(306) 953-4900.

(weekends, evening and holidays)
After hours emergency: 
(306) 953-4348.

8 Steps of a Water Main Repair

This document outlines the steps of a water main repair and the  approximate timelines involved. The timelines will change when dealing with water or sewer main replacement projects which can take several weeks to complete.  To find out about the scheduled replacement projects, please view the maps on the Paving Program webpage. Projects for the upcoming year are listed as utility digs on the list. Please see the Drinking Water Advisory Page for status updates on current breaks. 

Steps of a Watermain Repair

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