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Prince Albert's Water Treatment Plant was built in 1956, upgraded in 1986 and again in 2011. 40,000 residents of Prince Albert and another 1500 people and 600 farms in rural areas around the city are served by the Water Treatment Plant. Average production is 17,665 cubic meters per day.
Water Quality Sampling on North Saskatchewan River - Update March 7, 2017

March 7, 2017 - The Water Security Agency has released the latest results of water quality monitoring activities for Prince Albert, Melfort and North Battleford. These monitoring activities are for:

  • treated water since use of water from the North Saskatchewan River restarted, or
  • raw water from the intake in the river. 

Chemicals Used in the City of Prince Albert's Water Treatment Process
The following chemicals are used in the City of Prince Albert’s water treatment process 

Prince Albert Bulk Water Dispenser (Water Crane)

Note: http://citypa.ca/City-Hall/City-Operations/News-and-Public-Notices/Media-Releases/Post/7839/Water-Crane-Temporarily-Out-Of-Service

The Water Crane provides potable water from the City of Prince Albert's water distribution system and is open to the public.

The new crane as of January 2016, only accepts pre-loaded swipe cards. The water rate for purchasing water out of the water crane for 2016 is $2.00/100 gallon or $2.00/454.6 litre.

The new water crane at 3917 Central Avenue, Marquis Road Reservoir came into operation in January.

The old water crane located on 6th Avenue East & 9th Street East is no longer in operation.

For more information about purchasing per-loaded cards call 306-953-4900.


Annual Notice to Consumers
Each year, the City of Prince Albert reports on the water quality and sample submission compliance records. 

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