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Understand Your Utility Bill

Water utility rates are set in the Water Services Bylaw.  Water utilities are billed quarterly throughout the year. Billing dates are based on the area of the city in which your property is located. There is no minimum usage charge per billing period.

The new water and sewer rate structure is designed to:

  • Encourage water conservation, especially for high water users,
  • Cover all of the costs of water and wastewater utilities related to operations (treatment, storage, pumpage and distribution/collection systems),
  • Cover costs of  capital projects related to water quality, city growth and regulatory requirements, and
  • Ensure rate fairness among all users.

Example of Quarterly Calculation

Following is an example of a residential quarterly utility bill.  The water consumption for this resident is 2500 cubic feet (cf), and the size of meter is 3/4 inches.

Water2500 cf x 0.0330$82.50
Sewage Treatment2500 cf x 0.0308$77.00
Water Capital Worksfixed$75.00
Sewer Capital Worksfixed$66.00
Sanitation (Garbage and Recycling)fixed$52.50

Miscellaneous Charges
Where applicable, charges for various other services will also appear on utility bills.

Missed Payment Penalties
Should payment not be received within 25 calendar days of the billing date, a penalty equivalent to 10% of the outstanding balance will be applied to your account.

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