Traffic Lights

City of Prince Albert Administration uses a matrix developed by the Transportation Association of Canada to determine whether a traffic light is warranted at an intersection or not. This matrix takes the following criteria into consideration in determining whether a light is warranted:

  • Is there an elementary school or mobility challenges in the area?
  • is there a seniors complex in the area?
  • Is the intersection located along a pathway to a school?
  • What is the population of the area?
  • Is the proposed light within the Central Business District?
  • What are the traffic volumes for each movement at the intersection (right, through, left) during three peak periods throughout the day (usually morning, noon, and night)?
  • What is the lane configuration at the particular intersection?
  • What is the posted speed limit?
  • Does a bus route run on either the main or secondary street?
  • Does heavy truck traffic travel through this intersection?
  • What is the distance from other signalized intersections?

Traffic lights will only be installed where they are warranted and in situations where the installation will improve the safety at an intersection. It must be noted that the installation of traffic lights at locations where it is not warranted decreases safety and increases traffic congestion. Therefore careful consideration is given prior to the installation of traffic lights.

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