Street Sweeping

Street sweeping clears tonnes of sand and debris from City roadways and helps to keep streets safe, clean and beautiful. The City starts street sweeping in April or May of each year, depending on the timing of the snow melt. The process typically takes six to eight weeks to complete unless weather conditions create significant delays.

Street sweeping follows the same priority as snow removal operations. Major arterial roadways are swept first, followed by bus routes and school zones, the downtown area and, finally, residential areas.

To ensure thorough sweeping, residents are required to remove parked vehicles from the street. No-parking signs will be placed on streets at least 12 hours in advance of any street sweeping in order to provide adequate notice for removal of parked vehicles.

Vehicles that remain parked 12 hours after a no-parking sign has been placed on a street will be considered to be in violation of the City of Prince Albert Traffic Bylaw, 2013 - Section 78(b). See the Fines and Towing page for more information.

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