Parking Bans

Snow removal activities are completed more quickly and more thoroughly when vehicles are removed beforehand from the roadway. To ensure more timely snow removal throughout the City, Snow Routes have been established along major arterial and emergency routes.

Priority 1 Snow Route Parking Bans

Parking is prohibited on priority 1 Snow Routes (see priority one routes on the  Priority snow route map) when a Snow Route Parking Ban is declared. Typically, this will occur if there has been more than 4 inches of snowfall at once. Parking bans will be declared at either 9:00 a.m. or 4:00 p.m.  The parking bans will require drivers to immediately remove their vehicles from Snow Routes which will be marked by a snow route sign. If you live or work along a snow route, you can sign up to receive email notifications when a parking ban has been declared.

Parking bans will be temporary, usually lasting 48 hours, unless persistent snowfall requires a parking ban to be re-declared. In the event that a parking ban is declared, notices will be released to local radio stations and will be posted on the City’s Website.

If the Priority One streets are cleared before the 48 hours has lapsed and there is no threat of a continuing storm, the parking ban may be withdrawn sooner.  In this case, a posting will be made on the City website and notifications will be sent to local media.

Please see a list of FAQs regarding this policy: Snow Route Parking Ban FAQs

Temporary Parking Bans
Temporary parking bans will be implemented as required on priority 2,3 and 4 streets to allow for snow clearing operations. Streets will be signed at least 12 hours in advance to notify motorists of the temporary parking ban. Any vehicles that remain parked on the street 12 hours after the signs have been put up will be considered in violation of the Snow and Ice Control Policy and the City of Prince Albert Traffic Bylaw, 2013 - Section 78(b). See the Towing and Municipal Impound Lot page for more information.

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