Collection Procedures for Unpaid Violations

Effective January 1, 2010, changes to provincial legislation for enforcement procedures for unpaid parking violations have been implemented in the City of Prince Albert.

  • A parking summons for a court appearance will be mailed to the registered vehicle owner.
  • A default conviction will result if the violator does not appear in court.
  • A late payment charge of $40.00 will be added where a fine remains unpaid 30 days following conviction.
  • A lien may be registered on a vehicle where the owner has outstanding convictions and the fines and late payment charges are in default.
  • The vehicle may be immobilized and/or seized and impounded.
  • The vehicle could be sold at public auction to recover the amount of unpaid fines.

The objective of the enforcement strategies is to encourage bylaw compliance. Full payment of outstanding convictions and costs must be made or further action will be taken. A receipt indicating full payment would be required for retrieval of a seized vehicle.

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