Basement Flooding / Spring Runoff

Homeowner Preparations
When the temperature begins to rise each spring, residents need to be aware of steps they can take to prevent basement flooding.

In particular, residents should be watching for water that is running down the foundation of a house or standing water that pools on the ground.  Melting snow from the roof and the ground surrounding the home should be drained away from the house and onto the streets.

Residents should consider the following when preparing for the spring runoff:

  • Roof drains should be cleared of ice and other obstructions to ensure that melting snow flows properly and is not spilling over.
  • Water should be drained at least two meters from outside walls and should run onto land that allows it to flow away from the house.
  • Check roof and eaves troughs for excess snow.
  • Where possible, snow should be shoveled away from basement window sills.
  • Ice ridges and snow build-up on the ground that is stopping water from draining onto City streets should be removed.
  • Do not shovel snow into City streets as it can block drainage.

It is also important for residents to be considerate of their neighbours and prevent water from being drained onto their neighbours' property.

The following municipalities provide useful information for protecting your home from flooding:

               Saskatoon               Winnipeg

If you have questions or concerns about flood prevention for your home, please consider contacting a professional.

The City is not responsible for meltwater issues resulting from snow that has accumulated on private property, but the Public Works Department has identified high risk areas in the City and will respond if water from City streets or lanes is posing a direct threat to property.

Residents experiencing significant water pooling problems on their street can call the Public Works department at 306.953.4900 or send an email through Report a Problem.

Public Works Department
City of Prince Albert
1084 Central Avenue
Prince Albert, SK
S6V 7P3

Phone:  306.953.4900
Fax:  306.953.4915