Pesticide Spraying

The City currently applies some herbicides to control dandelions and other broad leaf weeds. The Parks Division apply herbicides once every year or two to sport fields, but for other areas, we apply at a lower frequency.

Parks with high weed-density will usually have a herbicide application approximately every three to four years. 

Signage is posted after any necessary application.

NOTE: The City does not have a formal spraying schedule and do not provide residents with application dates in advance as the window of application is dependent on the weather and staffing availability. 

We take the health and well-being of citizens and green spaces seriously, so all herbicides and pesticides are carefully chosen and are fully certified by both the federal and provincial governments.

What are Pesticides?

Pesticides are products used to kill plants, insects and plant diseases. Pesticides used on lawns and gardens include herbicides (which kill plants), insecticides (which kill insects) and fungicides (which kill fungi).

2017 Pesticide Applicatons

DateLocationPesticide Used
May 19Elks ParkPar 3
May 19Muzzy Drive ParkPar 3
May 19Old City YardsNuglo
May 29Nordale ParkRoundup
May 29Mair ParkRoundup
May 29Prince Albert Historical MuseumRoundup
May 29EA Rawlinson Centre Roundup
May 29Normandy ParkRoundup
May 30City HallRoundup
May 30 & 31Crescent Heights ParkRoundup
May 30Miller Hill ParkRoundup
May 30Lakeland Ford ParkRoundup
May 31Muzzy Drive (North Side)Trillion
May 31Coombe Drive ParkTrillion
May 31Pickering Crescent ParkTrillion
June 1High Noon Optimist ParkRoundup
June 1Hogeweide ParkRoundup
June 1Dent Crescent ParkRoundup
June 1A.C. Howard ParkRoundup
June 5Exhibition Grounds Roundup
June 5Scarrow PlazaRoundup
June 5Kinsmen ParkRoundup
June 52 Ave W median (b/w 17 and 22 St W)Roundup
June 6Hazeldell Community ClubPremium 3-way
June 6Mair ParkPremium 3-way
June 7Kinsmen ParkPremium 3-way & Roundup
June 7Nordale Community ClubRoundup
June 7A.C. Howard ParkRoundup
June 7Erickson Crescent ParkRoundup
June 7Miller Hill ParkRoundup
June 8Alfred Jenkins Field House Nuglo
June 828 St median (200 block west)Nuglo
June 8Court of Queen's BenchNuglo
June 815 Ave E & 15 St medianNuglo
June 8Elk's ParkNuglo
June 12Nordale ParkPremium 3-way
June 12Normandy Ball ParkPremium 3-way & Par 3
June 13Prime Ministers' ParkRoundup
June 13Tree grates (12 - 14 St & 1 Ave E)Roundup
June 13Tree grates (13 St, 1 Ave W - 1 Ave E)Roundup
June 13Tree grates (12 St, 1 Ave E to Central)Roundup
June 13Parking Lot (15 St W & 1 Ave E)Roundup
June 13Riverbank ( 900 blk - 2000 blk west) Roundup & Nuglo
June 14Medians ( 6 Ave E, 15 - 19 St)Roundup
June 14Medians ( 15 St, 6 Ave E - 1 Ave W) Roudup
June 14Parking lot ( 1 Ave E & 8 St)Roundup
June 14Parking lot ( 100 blk of 12 St E) Roundup
June 14Parking Lot ( 100 blk of 12 St W) Roundup
June 14Parking lot ( 100 blk of 13 St E)Roundup
June 14Mair ParkRoundup
June 14Parking Lot ( 700 blk of Marquis Rd E)Roundup
June 14Lift Station #1Nuglo
June 14Riverbank ( 300 blk east)Nuglo
July 5MSC Compound (38th St E & Central Ave)Nuglo
July 6Medians (6th Ave E & 3000 blk to River St)Nuglo
July 6Sidewalk - west side (6th Ave E from 22nd to 28th St)Roundup
July 6Sidewalk - east Side (2nd Ave W from 1800 to 2300 blk)Roundup
July 6Boulevard by Mac's Convenience (500 blk)Roundup
July 6Boulevard - medians (1400 - 1500 blk on 15th St E)Roundup
July 6Median by CasinoRoundup
July 11Old City Yards South FencelineRoundup
July 11Sidewalks & Shrub beds (100 blk - 12 Street West)Roundup
July 11Downtown Lions #7 infield (6 Avenue NE)Roundup
July 12Bleachers Downtown Lions (6 Avenue NE)Roundup
July 12Sidewalks & Shrub beds (100 blk - 11 St W)Roundup
July 12Infields Ball Diamond - Kinsmen ParkNuglo
July 19Bleachers at Mair ParkGlyphosate
July 19Canoe Launch / Boat Launch building - sprayed around building and car stop postsGlyphosate
August 1Memorial Sqaure (City Hall)Roundup
August 3Central AvenueKillex (2%)
August 310th - 15th on 1st Ave E (cracks in sidewalk)Nuglo
August 31st Ave to Central on 11 St E (cracks in sidewalk)Trillion
August 3100 blk on 11 St W (cracks in sidewalk)Trillion
August 3100 blk River St W by Scarrow Plaza (cracks in sidewalk)Trillion
August 310 - 11 St on 1st Ave W (cracks in sidewalk)Trillion
August 8800 - 900 blk on River St W (Fence line at Mair Park and one section of Bleachers)Roundup
August 99 - 10 St on 1 Ave E (Sidewalks)Roundup
August 9 Central to 1 Ave on 10 St W (Sidewalks)Roundup
August 9Central to 1 Ave on 12 St W (sidewalks)Roundup
August 9Olive Diefenbaker Drive - Crescent Acres Ball Diamonds #1 & #2 (Fencel line)Roundup

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