Rezoning Process

All proposed rezoning involve the following process:

1. An application for a proposed property rezoning must be made in writing to Planning and Development Services and shall contain the following information:

  • The legal description and civic address of the property.
  • The registered and assessed owners of the property.
  • The reason or justification for such an application.

Download : Application for Zoning Bylaw Amendment 

2. The Planning Department will review the application and provide a report to City Council for 1st reading of the bylaw amendment.

3. If City Council approves proceeding with the rezoning, the following must be completed:

  • Public notice to be advertised in the Prince Albert Daily Herald for 2 consecutive weeks.
  • Public notification by registered mail to all landowners within a 75-metre radius of the proposed property at least 10 days before City Council meets.

4. After Public Notification has been completed, City Council will conduct a public hearing in order to listen to any concerns regarding the proposed rezoning.

5. If Council approves the rezoning, 2nd and 3rd readings will be completed. If the rezoning is denied, the Bylaw will not be passed and the rezoning will cease.

6. The following costs associated with the rezoning process will be the responsibility of the applicant rezoning the property:

  • $350.00 application fee
  • $700.00 advertising fee

 Please Note:

The above noted process can take two (2) months or more from submission of application to final approval of City Council depending on the complexity of the application.

For more information, see section 3.21 of the zoning bylaw.

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