Subdivision Process

Download :Subdivision Application Form

All proposed subdivisions involve the following process:

  • An application for the a proposed subdivision complete with a Proposed Plan of Survey must be made in writing to the Director of Planning and Development Services and shall contain the following information:
    • The legal description and civic address of the property (if applicable).
    • The registered and assessed owners of the property.
    • The reason or justification for such an application.

  • The Planning Department will review the application. Two alternatives may occur:
    • The City Manager, without reference to the Council of the City of Prince Albert, may approve an application for the division or subdivision of an individual lot.
    • Where an application involves the division or subdivision of an individual lot into two (2) or more parcels, the Plan must be approved by City Council.
  • City Council can approve or deny the Proposed Plan of Survey.
  • If City Council approves the proposed Plan of Survey, the Mayor and City Clerk of the City of Prince Albert will sign the plan and the applicant can forward the plan to the Chief Surveyor's Office and the Land Titles Office for registration.
  • The following costs associated with the subdivision process will be the responsibility of the applicant subdividing the property:

      City of Prince Albert Subdivision Fee   $100.00
      City of Prince Albert Subdivision Fee   $100.00/lot created
      (Individual lot into more than two (2) parcels)

For more information, refer to the Subdivision of Land Bylaw.

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