Fee Schedule

Here you will find a list of all permits, licenses and services that are related to economic development and planning as well as the associated fees.
Contract Zone Agreement
Fee: $1,500 

Street & Walkway Closure
Fee: $500.00 plus advertising fee 

Building Inspections

Callbacks (after additional inspection): $75

After Hours:  $75/hour


Building and Zoning Compliance Letter
Fee: $75.00 read more ...

Building Permit Cancellation
Fee: $75.00 retained fee - no refund after 90 days 

Building Permit Fee

Minimum Fee for building permits $75 unless otherwise stated.

 - Accessory Building (attached or detached : 25¢/sq.ft.

 - Residential (1 & 2 unit dwellings):

    slab on grade/GB foundations:  15¢/sq.ft.;

    foundations: 25¢/sq.ft.;  main floors: 70¢/sq.ft.;

    upper levels: 50¢/sq.ft.

- Secondary Suites & Full Basement Development:  $200

- Deck:  $100

- Shipping Container:  $200

- Other Permits:  $6.50 per $1,000 of construction value


Building Permit Required by Order
Fee: $250.00 

Building Plan Review or Inspection (for licensing)




Civic Address Change



Condominium Conversions

 $500.00 plus $300.00 for advertising

 read more ...

Demolition Permit Fee
Fee: Minimum fee of $100 for first $50,000 of tender value;  $1 per $1,000 after read more ...

Development / Zoning Appeal



Development Permit Fee

Permitted Use:  $200.00

 Discretionary Use-Development Officer:  $350.00

Discretionary Use-Council:  $500.00 plus advertising fee (if required)

Site Plan Review:  $200.00

 read more ...

Drawings & Maps

Up to 11"x17" - $5

Up to 24"x36"- $10 black & white; $15 color

Up to 36"x 48" - $15 black & white; $18 color

Over 36"x48" - Custom fees will apply

For custom drawings and maps, the fee is $50 for the first 1/2 hour, $100/hour

 *As per the Freedom of Information and Access to Information Policy, Appendix B.


Early or Phased Occupancy

 -  $300, if specified at plan submission stage under the provisions of Can/ULC S1001-11.

- $1,000, if requested after plan submission stage and Can/ULC S1001-11 applies.

- $500 if scope of work falls under Part 9 of the National Building Code.


Lot Sale

List Price plus 5% plus taxes

 read more ...

Minor Variance
Fee: $50.00 


25¢+GST per page

Copyrighted documents will not be provided.

*As per the Freedom of Information and Access to Information Policy, Appendix B.


Rezoning Fee
Fee: $500.00 plus advertising fee 

Sign Permit Fees

Portable sign:  $15.00 per sign per month or $150.00 per sign per year

 Permanent sign:  $150.00 per sign

Digital sign: $250.00 per sign

 read more ...

Subdivision Fee

$100.00 plus $100.00 for each lot created


Tax Title Land Sale (with house)

List Price


Tax Title Land Sale (vacant land)

List Price plus 5% plus taxes


Zoning Bylaw Amendments
Fee: $500.00 plus advertising fee 

Zoning and Building Compliance Letter
Fee: $75.00 read more ...

Zoning Memorandum
Fee: $75.00 

Planning and Development Services
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