Development Permits

The developer is required to apply for a Development Permit and submit a detailed proposal to Planning and Development Services. The proposal and site plan is reviewed to ensure it conforms to the Zoning Bylaw with respect to setbacks and alignments, parking requirements, landscape requirements, site drainage, lot coverage, building height, etc. If the proposal conforms to the criteria of the Zoning Bylaw and is a permitted use in that zone, the Development Permit is approved by the Director of Planning. However, if the proposed development is a discretionary use in that zone, the proposal must be approved by City Council.

Discretionary Development Permits can take a minimum of 6-8 weeks to process as the information for the Discretionary Use will need to be circulated to other City departments for review.  Once we have received any concerns or comments from the departments and all relevant information has been provided by the applicant, a report to the Executive Committee, and subsequently City Council, can then be prepared.

See Development Permit Fee on the Fee Schedule page.

Development Appeals Process

A municipality with a Zoning Bylaw is required to have a Development Appeals Board to resolve disagreements over enforcement of zoning bylaw provisions. Regarding development appeals, the responsibilities of City Council, board members and the Secretary of the Board are governed by the Development Appeals Board Policy. Learn more about the local development appeals process. 

Development Permit Brochure

Information on when a development permit is required and the application and approval process. 

Development Permit Application
A Development Permit is required for developments which include the construction of a new building, an addition to an existing building or a change of use of a building or site.

Development Appeal Application

If you disagree with a decision made by City Council or a Development Officer in relation to a proposed development permit or subdivision application and would like to contest the decision, an appeal may be made. A Development Appeal Application must be completed along with payment. Please see above for more information on the development appeal process. 

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