Building and Zoning Compliance Letters

When purchasing a property, be it a business or a residence, you will want assurance that you will not be presented with any unwelcome surprises such as a standing maintenance or demolition order, the existence of fire hazards or noncompliance with a City bylaw.  The City provides the following compliance letters, all of which are available by forwarding a request along with the appropriate document(s) and the required fee to Planning and Development Services.

Building and Zoning Compliance Letter

Fee:  $75.00

This letter will provide information on the property/building that the City has in reference to compliance with the National Building Code (NBC), Zoning Bylaw , and Bylaw Enforcement. Planning and Development Services requires written permission from the registered owner in order to complete this letter.

The letter will include:

  • Civic Address
  • Legal Description
  • Zoning of the property
  • Whether it is a permitted or discretionary use in the particular zone
  • Whether the use or building is legal non-conforming to the Zoning Bylaw.
  • A list of outstanding deficiencies and Orders from the Planning Division, Building Division and Bylaw Enforcement (Bylaw Enforcement check includes the Property Amenities Bylaw and the Property Maintenance Bylaw)

Zoning Memorandum

Fee:  $75.00

The zoning memorandum will confirm whether or not the property in question complies with the Zoning Bylaw in terms of setbacks based on the Surveyor's Certificate (Real Property Report) which is submitted to the City of Prince Albert.

Information required for the memorandum:

  • Surveyor Certificate stamped or signed by a legal land surveyor
  • Title from ISC (Information Services Corporation, previously Land Titles)

The zoning memorandum will include:

  • Civic address
  • Verified legal description of the property
  • Zoning of the property
  • Confirmation of whether setbacks of the buildings comply with the Zoning Bylaw
  • Notification that the building will be reviewed to determine if it is legal non-conforming to the Zoning Bylaw.

Waiver:  This memorandum will be based on the Surveyor's Certificate (Real Property Report) that was provided to the City of Prince Albert.

Note:  As part of the City of Prince Albert Freedom of Information and Access to Information Policy, an Informal Request Form will also need to be completed for Building/Zoning Compliance Letters and Zoning Memorandums.  The fee for the Informal Request is $5.00.   

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