Building and Fire Inspections

Please note that the Building Division will conduct any inspection deemed necessary if circumstances during construction indicate a need.

Main Building Inspections

  • Plan Review - prior to permit issuance
  • Footing inspection - immediately before the footings are poured
  • Backfill inspection - just before the basement walls are backfilled
  • Radon inspection - prior to pouring slab
  • Surveyor's Certificate - after the backfill and before sheathing is complete. The certificate is to be filed in the office of the Building Inspector.
  • Framing inspection - before the insulation and vapour barrier
  • Poly-Insulation - after vapour barrier and insulation have been installed but before the drywall or wall covering is applied
  • Letter of Assurance (plumbing, electrical, mechanical) before final
  • Final inspection - after all work is completed and before occupancy

Garage and Accessory Building Inspections

The following Minimum inspections are required:

  • Pad or Grade beam inspection - immediately before any concrete is poured.
  • Framing inspection - only required if the garage is to be boarded, in which case the inspection is required before boarding.
  • Final inspection - once all work, including exterior finish, is complete

Commercial / Industrial Inspections - are done on a drop-in basis

  • Plan review - sprinkler plans are to be supplied if a building requires them
  • Final inspection - required prior to occupancy

Provide copies of change orders and plan revisions to the Building Division

Interim inspections may be requested at any time during construction.

If a project is under a professional architect or engineer's stamped drawing, a set of letters of assurance will be required to complete the final inspection.

If a building has more than one occupancy, a final inspection is required for each occupancy prior to use.


Request a Building Inspection

To request a building inspection, please do the following:

  1. Call the Building Division Inspection Line at (306) 953-4370 at least twenty-four hours before the inspection is required.
  2. Provide us with the following information:
    • Address
    • Contact name and telephone number
    • Nature of inspection required.

Please note:  Several inspections are carried out during construction and upon completion.  It is the responsibility of the permit holder or the agent/contractor acting on behalf of the property owner to book appointments for the required inspections.

Fire Inspections

To book a fire inspection, please contact Prince Albert Fire and Emergency Services at 306.953.4200.




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