Building Permit Statistics

The City of Prince Albert provides building permit statistics on a monthly and quarterly basis . You can subscribe to have these emails emailed to you monthly.

Building Permit Statistics 2014-2017

Building Permit Statistics 2019

April Report408.18 KB
February Report428.39 KB
January Report441.56 KB
July Report455.43 KB
June Report431.23 KB
March Report429.25 KB
May Report422.16 KB

Building Permit Statistics 2018

April Report467.13 KB
August Report461.42 KB
December Report465.20 KB
February Report425.66 KB
January Report418.40 KB
July Report445.68 KB
June Report438.01 KB
March Report476.64 KB
May Report428.08 KB
November Report430.93 KB
October Report435.64 KB
September Report434.38 KB

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