Borrowing Building Plans

Building plans are filed with Planning and Development Services Department as part of the building permit process. Building plans are retained for the lifetime of the building. It is the responsibility of the owner or authorized agent to advise Planning and Development Services if the plan(s) are copyrighted.  The Department is under no obligation to release the plans. If an organization/individual would like to borrow a set of building plans, the City of Prince Albert’s Freedom of Information and Access to Information Policy must be followed, which means an Informal Request Form must be completed  (see Schedule C, Freedom of Information and Access to Information Policy) along with a letter of authorization (see form below) from the owner and $5 payment for the Informal Request.

The Letter of Authorization from the owner must have the owner/company’s printed name, signature of owner, printed name of owner, mailing address of owner, phone number and/or email address of owner, as well as who (company and/or individual) is being provided authorization along with their contact information, and civic address and/or legal description of property.An Informal Request Form is required for each building plan set request.

If you are the owner of the building/property, confirmation of ownership may be required.

If copies of a building plan are being requested, a charge will be applied as outlined in the Informal Access Request Form.If the building plan requested cannot be copied in‑house, Planning and Development Services will have a third party complete and any costs associated with copying the plans will be charged back to the organization/individual requesting the copies.

If you require additional information, please call 306.953.4370.

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