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In the current market conditions, there are a limited number of serviced lots available for sale.  In addition, there are increasingly fewer homes available for sale in Prince Albert.

Previously, the City sold land based on setting prices and selling on a first come first served basis.  When lot draws did occur, contractors and individual home builders had access to one lot in the draw.

To expedite the process and to ensure that new homes are on the market, the City of Prince Albert has developed a new lot draw policy.  The policy was developed in consultation with home builders and considers policies of Regina and Saskatoon.

The policy allows qualified contractors to build and resell complete homes to interested buyers while allowing individuals to act as contractors for their own personal residences.

The lot draw policy:

  • Requires that contractors be full-time homebuilders, registered with the Corporations Branch of Saskatchewan and have a current business license
  • Requires that contractors have membership in a new home warranty program that is accepted by the CMHC and has the authority to operate in the Province of Saskatchewan
  • Allows any remaining lots to be sold on a first come, first served basis.

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