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The City has been the primary developer of land since 1960 when the early stages of Crescent Heights were developed. A major Land Assembly and Development Agreement was entered between the City and the Province which involved the development of 675 acres of the former jail farm which was intended to be developed for residential housing purposes. The agreements represent the extent of residential development to date in the Crescent Heights, Carlton Park and Crescent Acres areas and there are approximately 150 acres which have yet to be developed.

The Planning and Development Department is responsible for all aspects of subdivision design and marketing of new residential and industrial lots. Since the Department's involvement in new subdivision development and property sales, we have now become responsible for all aspects of property management which includes new serviced lands for sale as previously discussed, tax title lands inventory, maintaining a database of developed land for community purposes and other lands which would include raw land required for future development.

Lots for Sale

 TitleCategoryModified DateDescription
$1 Vacant Lots Pamphlet$10,000 refundable retainer 5/27/2019Selected lots West Flat and Westview area
R2 - Crescent Acres Subdivision$97,900 to $119,9007/12/201839 remaining
R1 Small Single Family Subdivision Development Opportunity$875,00011/22/20163.17 acres
PAMPHLET - All Current Properties FOR SALE 5/27/2019 
Nordale area - R6 461 15th Street NW 7/27/2018 
Nordale area - R6 1455 5th Avenue NW 7/27/2018 
Nordale area - R6 1360 6th Avenue NW 7/27/2018 
M5 - Airport: Green Industrial, 1120 Airport Roadoffers to be considered1/31/20185.44 acres
M5 - Airport: Green Industrial, 1140 Venture Bayoffers to be considered1/31/20183.29 acres
M5 - Airport: Green Industrial, 1136 Venture Bayoffers to be considered1/31/20182.96 acres
M5 - Airport: Green Industrial, 1132 Venture Bayoffers to be considered1/31/20182.34 acres
M5 - Airport: Green Industrial, 1128 Airport Roadoffers to be considered1/31/20184.89 acres
M5 - Airport: Green Industrial, 1124 Airport Roadoffers to be considered1/31/20184.03 acres
M1- Heavy Industrial, 1461 Central Avenue North$225,0003/22/20171.11 acres
M1 Heavy Industrial 57 North Industrial Drive$129,00011/22/20161.54 acres
M1 Heavy Industrial 490 Bartlett Street$406,00011/22/20161.16 acres
M1 Heavy Industrial 460 Bartlett Street$409,50011/22/20161.17 acres
M1 Heavy Industrial 435 40th Street East$660,00011/22/20161.65 acres
M1 Heavy Industrial 430 Bartlett Street$392,00011/22/20161.12 acres
M1 Heavy Industrial 451 40th Street East$620,00011/22/20161.55 acres
Commercial Building 1203 Central Avenue$450,0001/25/2019Downtown Zone C1
C3-Arterial Commercial 605-8th Street East$175,00011/22/201611,806 SF
C1-Downtown Commercial: #11-15th Street East 11/9/2018$260,000 37,525SF new services installed
C1 Downtown Commercial 1102 Central Avenue$42,62411/22/20164,683 SF
R5 - Multi Family 2950 1st Avenue West$249,00011/22/2016124' x 267'
R5- Multi Family 433 6th Street East$47,9007/11/2017vacant land; new services

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