The Planning Division is responsible for guiding the growth and development of the City of Prince Albert. There are a number of studies, plans and laws that have been developed that assist with this. Please see below for a list of the City of Prince Albert’s planning and development documents.

City of Prince Albert Housing Plan


To allow for a strategic response to the housing needs of the community the City of Prince Albert commissioned Associated Engineering to undertake the development of this housing plan. The plan was developed under the Saskatchewan Housing Corporation's (SHC) recently announced Encouraging Community Housing Options (ECHO) funding program. The purpose and considerations of the plan as identified under the ECHO program are as follows:

-Consider housing needs across the continuum;

-Identify priorities and targets;

-Identify strategies to meet priorities and targets;

-Anticipate housing needs for the next 15 years;

-Consider surrounding municipalities; and

-Identify measures for determining success and how progress will be reported.

The housing plan takes into account the entire housing continuum, including both non-market (social) and market (private rental and home ownership) housing for the city considering the relationship to the surrounding region. 

Culture Plan
The Culture Plan will help guide policies and decision-making processes with regards to harmonizing cultural initiatives, strengthening cultural development, supporting the arts, preserving the heritage, and enhancing tourism in the community.

Downtown Strategic Plan
The current downtown strategic plan was commissioned in 2005. It is a long-term planning document that provides recommendations on how to approach the revitalization of the downtown area.


The City is in the process of developing a streetscape design for Central Avenue. To share your input, please visit 

Flood Plain (1:500)
Approximately 2000 homes, mainly located in the West Flat, East Flat and Hazeldell neighborhoods, are located in what has been designated as the one in five hundred year flood risk area.

Official Community Plan - Prince Albert District Planning Commission

The Official Community Plan for the Prince Albert District Planning Commission (PADPC) is intended to serve as a statement of the goals, objectives and policies of the R.M. of Prince Albert, the R.M. of Buckland and the City of Prince Albert relating to the future growth and development of the Planning District. The policies are intended to provide the PADPC and the member municipalities with direction and guidelines for establishing bylaws and programs and making decisions on future land use and development proposals.

  • Zoning Bylaw - RM of Buckland (DRAFT)
    The Zoning Bylaw is the primary land use document for the R.M. of Buckland. The document is adopted in accordance with the long-term objectives of the Prince Albert District Planning Commission Official Community Plan.
  • Zoning Bylaw - RM of Prince Albert (DRAFT)
    The Zoning Bylaw is the primary land use document for the R.M. of Prince Albert. The document is adopted in accordance with the long-term objectives of the Prince Albert District Planning Commission Official Community Plan.

Official Community Plan

The City's official community plan is a comprehensive policy framework that outlines the goals and objectives that will guide the growth and development of the City of Prince Albert for the next 25 years.

Population Household and Employment Study

This comprehensive long-term growth forcast will be used as background to the City's 2009 Development Levies and Servicing Fees Study as well as for land use planning, long-term infrastructure requirements, water and waste water facilities and capital budgeting. It is divided into three phases: an economic and demographic profile of the city, a long-term population and employment forecast and a review of recent population and housing forecasts for Prince Albert.

South Highway Corridor Concept Plans and Commercial/Industrial Feasibility Study

The purpose of this study is to produce a detailed redevelopment scheme for the Highway 2 entry corridor area, a general concept plan and feasibility study for the development of Highway 3 entry corridor area and the potential industrial, commercial, institutional and mixed-use available properties in the land area which lies between the two corridors.

Southeast Land Annexation

 The City of Prince Albert is in the process of annexing 338 hectares of land immediately southeast of the City. The intention is to rezone a portion of the land for light industrial use. Please see the related presentation as well as an information package.

Street-Naming Policy

West Hill Master Plan
The West Hill Master Plan (WHMP) was prepared by AECOM in 2018. The WHMP is intended to provide an overall framework for development within the southwest quadrant of the City of Prince Albert in an orderly and economical manner. The WHMP addresses a number of key issues such as: cost of providing on-site and off-site services, development phases, development of West Hill in relation with other areas in the City, land owners interest and density and servicing.

Crescent Acres Land Study

The Crescent Acres Land Study was prepared by AECOM in 2013. The purpose of the study is to guide the development in the future Crescent Acres neighbourhood in terms of optimal urban planning, traffic impact and upgrades, municipal servicing, site grading, and development staging.

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