Over Dimension Moving Permits

All buildings must receive approval for relocation prior to permit issuance. The relocation of a building requires a building permit and all buildings must be inspected and approved for relocation into a new area of the City.

If you have a load that is over height, width, length or weight, or if you are moving a building, you must contact the Public Works Department in advance to obtain a permit. Please be sure to review requirements carefully. For more information, please also see the City's Over-dimension loads policy and the General Permit Requirements. 

See the Traffic Restriction Notices for information about traffic detours and construction delays to ensure the safest route is utilized. Please note that if there are lane restrictions between 12th and 15th Street on 2nd Avenue, or on the Diefenbaker Bridge, an escort is required during pre-scheduled times. Haulers must contact Public Works to make arrangements.

All haulers require a moving permit. Additional permits are required for building, overweight and over dimension loads. Additional permits are charged a $20 fee plus an additional $5.00 for every 500kg gross overweight. 

The City reserves the right to refuse passage to any hauler. The ultimate responsibility for the safe transportation of the load is on the hauler. 

May move anytime except:

8:00am - 9:30am

Alternate River Crossings
Petrofka Bridge - Highway 12 (South of Blaine Lake)
Cecil Ferry - Highway 55 East (East of Prince Albert)
Melfort Bridge - Highway 6 (North of Melfort)

Types of Moving Permits

Building Moving PermitsFor buildings moving into or out of the City, a building moving permit is required. Be prepared to provide drawings of the building showing approximate dimensions and roof slope. 48 hrs notice is required. Building and demolition permits may also apply.
Moving Permit (no fee)A permit is required for loads over 14.76' (h) and/or 8.5' (w). 24 hours notice is required. Annual permits are available for those that require moving permits on a regular basis.
Over Dimension Moving PermitsA permit is required if a load is over one of the following dimensions: 18' (h), 22' (w) and 82' (l). Drawings detailing approximate dimensions of the load are required. At least 48 hours advance notice is required.
Over weight permitsBefore a municipal permit is issued, the City requires a permit from the Ministry of Highways for any loads over 63,500 kgs. An SGI permit # is also required.

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