Land Development

The City has been the primary developer of land since 1960 when the early stages of Crescent Heights were developed. A major Land Assembly and Development Agreement was entered into between the City and the Province which involved the development of 675 acres of the former jail farm which was intended to be developed for residential housing purposes. The agreements represent the extent of residential development to date in the Crescent Heights, Carlton Park and Crescent Acres areas and there are approximately 150 acres which have yet to be developed.

Development Levy 2012 (PDF)

Development levies are charged to new developments to cover the costs of a growing city including new roadways, underground sewer systems and parks. Levies are not charged for developments in existing neighborhoods where these services have already been paid for. The amount of the levy recommended for Prince Albert was determined following a study that reviewed the costs of development, future growth projections and existing levies in other cities.

Master Specifications 2017 (PDF)
This document provides minimum specifications that developers must meet in order to receive City Council approval for a new development. The document covers the construction of site grading, underground utilities, streets, curbs and sidewalks.

Standard Detail Drawings 2018 (PDF)
These detail drawings are the rules for development that cover construction of traffic, utility services, streetscapes, curbs, right of way, sidewalks and ramps.

Design Standards 2018 (PDF)

The objective of the design standards are to provide clear standards to designers regarding the design of infrastructure in the City of Prince Albert and to ensure that infrastructure built for the City of Prince Albert meets community quality of life expectations by being safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing, while protecting the environment and having reasonable life cycle costs.

This document covers Design Basis, General Considerations, Stormwater Management, Water Distribution, Sanitary Sewer, Transportation, Post Lot Development Issues, Parks and Open Spaces. 

West Hill Master Plan 2012 (PDF)

The West Hill Master Plan provides an overall framework for development within the southwest quadrant of the City of Prince Albert and addresses a number of key issues which are important to the potential development of the area.

Subdivision of Land Bylaw 2001 (PDF)

South Highway Corridor 2007 (PDF)

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